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IT’S… A wireless audio system for retail and public spaces that fits into and takes power from conventional lighting tracks for simple installation.

DETAILS: The System 9 retail environment wireless audio system is a ‘snap and play’ system which allows for easy fitting as the CLS powered speakers clip into an existing 240V spotlight track for power and then receive CD quality audio signals wirelessly from the CTXwireless transmitter.


IT’S… A new addition to eyevis’ portfolio of optics for ESP projectors.

DETAILS: The new dome optics type ESP-OPT-110-100 DOME was developed specifically for use in dome simulators. The optics generates a tangent compensated image which corresponds to a 90º projection. With two built-in focus rings the optics allows the adjustment of a maximum sharpness on the curved projection surface. The appropriate curvature for each surface is adjusted via the first focus ring and the focus for the overall picture is set via the second focus ring. Both the new dome optics

as well as the fisheye optics can be used with all eyevis ESP projectors and so allows for sharp images for dome simulations with resolutions of XGA (1024 × 768), Full HD


IT’S… A loudspeaker for home theatres and large living room spaces – a new addition to the G Series of speakers and F Series of subwoofers.

DETAILS: The G Five has the capability of over 120dB of peak SPL per pair combined with a low frequency response extending down to 35Hz. As with the rest of the G and F Series, the G Fives are available in Polar White and Mystic Black and combine neutrality of the sound, accuracy of the soundstage

60 June 2014

and reliability. Room response controls are included for system calibration and the loudspeakers feature Genelec’s intelligent power saving feature, ISS, which switches the loudspeakers to standby mode to save energy after a period of inactivity.

AND ALSO: Following this launch, Genelec’s G Series now has five models, namely G One, G Two, G Three, G Four and G Five. The subwoofer range, F Series, includes F One and F Two.

This can be connected to any sound source, including PC or Mac. System 9 uses the latest

wireless technology for sound transmission. The sound signal is sent uncompressed and is of CD quality, meaning that high fidelity music files such as FLAC and Apple Lossless can be played without losing any of the sound quality. The network is also fast with no audible sound delays. System 9 loudspeakers are said to be more

energy efficient than traditional amplifier/ speaker combinations. Even when playing at high SPL, the speakers only need a few watts, while the CTX transmitter runs on a few microwatts. When not in use, the System 9 speakers automatically switch into energy-saving standby mode.

AND ALSO: The range consists of eight products, including speakers, subs, transmitters, extenders and brackets.



IT’S… A free online tool that simplifies the videowall selection process by simulating for users what their Clarity Matrix LCD videowall will look like before they make the purchase.

(1920 × 1080), through to WQXGA (2560 × 1600).

AND ALSO: Due to the extremely wide-angle projection, the new dome optics and the fisheye optics allow more cost-effective dome simulations, since fewer projectors are needed to cover the whole simulation area.


DETAILS: The first-of-its- kind tool, the Clarity Matrix videowall calculator enables users to quickly and easily configure an LCD videowall for their project, preview it with their own content and download the results – complete with specification data, installation diagrams and custom renderings. The tool can be used to

create a graphical rendering of the videowall, configure a room, visualise custom content, compare models and configurations and more.

AND ALSO: The Clarity Matrix Calculator can be used from a range of devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets, and requires no software


The first products from JBL specifically designed for the commercial sound paging horn market.

AVAILABLE: Autumn 2014

DETAILS: The CSS-H15 (15W) and CSS-H30 (30W) paging horns are constructed of ABS with all-stainless-steel mounting bracket and hardware. Both models include a built-in UL registered multi tap transformer (15W for the H15, 30W for the H30) for use with 70V and 100V distributed

installation or registration. AVAILABLE: Now

CSS-H15, CSS-H30

speaker lines, with a screwdriver adjustable tap switch and a bypass position for

direct 8-ohm operation.


The CSS-H paging horns are weather-resistant (IP65 rated) for outdoor applications. Both models pass JBL’s 100-hour continuous full-power test to ensure long-term reliability.


Our selection of the latest products for the installation market



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