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Integrator CDEC was appointed to specify an AV solution for exhibition and education spaces at a new conference and training venue in a refurbished pottery works in Stoke on Trent, the home of pottery. The centre is designed

to showcase sustainable building solutions and provide training for tradespeople to help build low-carbon homes. CDEC specified and installed a bespoke solution

for two areas: the corporate suites and the public-facing visitor centre. It installed a large-scale NEC projection system which uses edge- blending techniques to create an engaging 6m projection on a curved wall. The digital signage system

was fitted into large kilns that have been transformed into meeting spaces. The system consists of three 65in CTouch interactive screens and four NEC N551 displays


developed content. Schindler employees were trained to use proprietary auto alignment technology to achieve perfect edge blends every show. An innovative audio solution was developed utilising MC2 amps hidden from sight between the lines of the dome’s structure. All elements are

Holovis has created a memorable and compelling way for Schindler to communicate its vision of the future around design and innovation. This new dome facility in the company’s Zurich HQ provides an unexpected, spectacular and immersive finale for customer visits. The client wanted a truly transformative sensory experience inside an 11m geodesic dome, with 360º

visuals and surround sound. Holovis was given a set of demanding constraints, working within a challenging empty space. Schindler required a virtual reality environment to enable the visualisation and realisation of its vision for the future of city design. The Holovis design consists of a suspended 15º dome with 360º projection, using six projectiondesign F35 projectors for specially


This luxury 5* model hotel suite was created for Kelly Hoppen MBE to showcase her exclusive new collection of interior products. Pixel Projects was tasked with achieving the right guest automation scheme, which took into account different guest profiles, the interior design of the room and the latest developments within the hospitality industry. The room’s functions were to be integrated to be controlled from one device with preprogrammed settings such as ‘Romantic’ or ‘Movie’ – all programmed on to a bespoke

44 June 2014

interface in keeping with the Kelly Hoppen scheme. The project highlighted

how to incorporate technological advances such as ‘stream your own device’ so as not be a threat to the hotelier’s revenue. This was achieved by integrating a digital concierge system into iPad, thus harnessing the technology to drive up revenue per room.

integrated with a Crestron control system, which gives the team a single platform to operate any aspect of the showroom and dome. “We are honoured to be nominated for such a prestigious award in this inaugural celebration,” enthuses Holovis CEO Stuart Hetherington. “The last year has been phenomenal for Holovis – we have delivered some incredible projects, won high-end contracts in China and have taken our highest value order.”

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) contracted Visual Acuity (VA) to provide technical and design consultancy for a new research and insight facility tasked with energising its consumer healthcare portfolio. The brief – for what is now Europe’s biggest and most comprehensive brand research facility – was to specify and procure technologies and services that would enable GSK to improve its understanding of shoppers and influence retailers, brand, packaging and in-store product positioning. Initially appointed to

develop technology concepts for the lab, VA’s scope of works expanded to include design, procurement and management of a collaboration room,

linked to wireless keyboards. The system was set up so that a sensor triggers the video content when visitors enter. The entire AV solution is driven by Onelan CMS-100 CMS control hardware. “The CoRE was a project

working within a historic structure to install a state- of-the-art AV solution, so it really is a credit to the team to have this project up for two awards,” comments CDEC MD Toni Barnett.


To increase its operating efficiencies, speech broadcaster NPR moved its HQ to a restored building in Washington’s NoMa neighborhood, and upgraded to the latest digital technology – much of it coming from Lawo. Shawn Fox, senior director of engineering at NPR, said: “Lawo’s ability to grasp what we were looking to implement, propose solutions, and come up with the right equipment to make these visions a reality requires an in-depth

understanding of the market and the technologies required to make everything come together as a whole.” The project had a tight

schedule and extremely high expectations regarding functionality and redundancy. The extensive list of Lawo kit includes: three sapphire radio consoles; 10 8-channel and 10 4-channel crystal consoles; an mc266 MKII production console; two redundant Nova73 HD routers; 70 Nova17 routers, and seven Nova29 routers.



entrance foyer, virtual reality environment and focus group space.

The 10,000sqft Shopper Science Lab is home to the world’s largest seamless touchscreen (5.32m x 2.55m), which provides full 3D visualisation of retail environments at 42 pixels per inch. The Pharmacy and Retail areas create real-life environments and use mobile eye tracking equipment to

provide in-depth analysis. Entirely IP-based, wire-free in most areas and seamlessly integrated after collaboration with interior designers, every aspect of lighting and space planning was considered to simulate a true-to-life environment.

The solution is fully scalable – limited only by the available space, which is designed to evolve as needs and research methodologies change.

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