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Purdue University required a single, large DSP audio network that spanned the entire facility with master control of the system located at the reception desk, and localised room control in each of the spaces in the facility – from the Olympic-sized pool to the meeting rooms. The DSP needed to provide paging and background music, conferencing, and paging zoned for customised communications.


The Biamp AudiaFlex chassis was used to create


Telford’s new Phoenix Academy has a state- of-the-art AV system. Interactive screens are installed throughout the school, with teachers’ devices wirelessly connected to enable the seamless use of technology in the classroom environment.

The solution had to

facilitate keeping pupils in the classroom while teachers moved between the rooms, minimising downtime between lessons. The chosen set-up moved

away from the expected solution for in-classroom displays, to a tablet and screen combination

designed for the school. Integrator CDEC worked with manufacturer Sahara to have a We Present solution installed within its touchscreens, to enable tablets to connect directly to them. In two days, every

classroom and learning space was AV-enabled with 53 Sahara Clevertouch screens (42in, 55in or 65in) with a Toshiba Z10T laptop, which doubles up as a tablet, for each teacher. Wireless connectivity

allows teachers to move around the room and hand the tablet to pupils to interact without them having to leave their seat. The inbuilt camera in the tablet can also take the place of a visualiser.


MultiTouch installed the largest interactive display wall for research purposes in Europe at Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden). Approximately 5m x 2.5m, the turnkey 12 x 55in MultiTaction iWall recognises finger touches, complete hands, infrared pens and objects. Besides conducting ambitious research in human-computer interaction, TU Dresden will be using MultiTaction iWall to work on interactive visualisations. The university is always trying to find perception-oriented techniques that can

effectively handle big data on a big display wall, and has already started using the wall for a range of research projects and other purposes. The MultiTaction iWall offers the university the possibility of enhancing and personalising the user experience by utilising MultiTaction Codice, which enables bidirectional communications between the user and wall content. “The InstallAwards are something we’re very much looking forward to. We are of course very pleased that our TU Dresden MultiTaction iWall installation is one of the finalists in the education category – there’s nothing like it in any university anywhere in the world,” enthuses Hannu Antilla, vice president, business development, MultiTouch.

36 June 2014

Milton Court is a new purpose-built, state-of-the- art facility comprising a 608-seat world-class Concert Hall, a 227-seat Theatre, the Studio Theatre, a television studio and three rehearsal rooms. Stage Electrics undertook bespoke supply, installation and commissioning of the lighting, audio and video infrastructure venue-wide. One of the most unusual aspects of the project, presenting challenges with regard to spatial fit and integration with the many other contractors, was the sub-basement location of all the venues beneath a tower block with a small footprint, in central London. Stage Electrics’

understanding of the scope of the project across all aspects resulted in a well thought-through technical solution. Working closely with the electrical consultants, the

one large audio network across the student athletic

centre. In total 18 AudiaFLEX and three AudiaEXPO devices were used. Many of the AudiaFLEX chassis operate as a room audio processor as well as carrying paging and background music. The CobraNet and LAN featured a fibre backbone that ran from floor to floor while using copper cables for the local runs in the racks to the fibre network switches. The end result was 40 separate zones for background music and

overhead paging capabilities. “We are so excited that Biamp was selected as a finalist in the InstallAwards for the work done at the Purdue University CoRec facility. Being able to make Purdue’s audio needs a reality speaks to the quality Biamp builds into each one of our products, and the commitment our sales and support teams deliver for each project,” says Ron Camden, vice president of global sales, Biamp Systems.


Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge has installed advanced audio and video systems in the new Louisiana Digital Media Center (DMC). The DMC gives users of the room utmost flexibility for everything from film showings and interactive digital media presentations to experimental music concerts and intimate meetings.

The tech-laden 200-seat auditorium at DMC is the first venue of any kind in the world to offer both a full SMPTE-standard, 7.1-surround Meyer Sound cinema system along with a Constellation active acoustic system. The combination of the two, coupled with 4K digital

projection by Christie, provides a vehicle to enhance Louisiana’s digital media industry and promote collaboration among students, researchers, and corporate partners such as EA Sports.

The auditorium’s

Constellation and cinema systems comprise 89 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers driven by the D-Mitri digital audio platform. Twenty-four microphones are spaced throughout the room for ambient sensing.


integrator’s detailed advance planning ensured cableways were correctly sized and located around those of the 37 storeys above which also fed through the theatre spaces. It also ensured Stage Electrics’ works were trouble- free and completed on time. Many bespoke solutions by the company were integral to the project’s success: fibre optics run under the road from the Concert Hall to an OB truck position

outside the Barbican Centre; bespoke facilities panels, company switches and power distribution are fitted into the tight space and maximise the building’s wide-ranging potential. Aesthetic and acoustic considerations within the Concert Hall mean raceways are fitted into trusses while sine-wave dimming and fanless moving lights serve the exacting NR15 acoustic rating.

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