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The team at Inspired Dwellings was tasked with installing technology for modern living at a luxury alpine ski chalet in France. The chalet is a family getaway: the client is a Michelin-starred chef, whose wife also runs a business, and their children are in their teens. Key specifications were

remote access to heating/ hot water and CCTV equipment as well as low-key

fittings so the interior design was unaffected by the AV systems. According to Katie

Rogerson from the company’s marketing department, it was the teamworking aspects of the project that Inspired Dwellings felt were particularly noteworthy. First, there was a 10-day window available for the project, and the end date could not be moved because the family were flying out to the chalet

for Christmas the next day. Then there were the obvious logistical difficulties involved in getting all the equipment to the chalet – which is in a small village 400m above sea level. And finally, there was the language issue: the local contractors spoke no English, one of Inspired’s junior installers spoke a little French – but a bilingual go-between was found in the shape of the local plumber.

This is not a holiday home

where the owners want to isolate themselves from their everyday concerns. Connectivity is high on the list: remote access to heating and hot water, as well as CCTV and the ability to check the snowfall from their London home; superfast WiFi was needed for social media access, to stream movies via Apple TV and music via Sonos, and also for the client to add any newly devised recipes to his online journal.


The main focus of this project was something of a mission in itself: a James Bond themed cinema room. The luxurious space was outfitted with custom-made carpet, complete with a logo, as well as a custom acoustic panel with James Bond images from the blockbuster movie Skyfall. A ceiling

was to make the room easy to use, and the wow factor was really important,” explains Jean-Christophe Davin, who runs MultiZone with his wife Antonia and says he felt “very proud” when he heard that this project had made the final InstallAwards shortlist. Elsewhere in the house, a

the integrator brought the speakers into the house, the family refused to let them be taken away again! Additionally, the master

bedroom required a cinema system that was entirely hidden in the walls. The house, where three

generations live, required an intuitive, simple and

Full house control was integral for this project at a penthouse apartment in London. The client wanted independent control of each room for lighting, shading, AV and HVAC systems, which was made possible by the implementation of Crestron MTX-3 remotes and TSW-750 touchscreens. The lighting and shading functions through a Lutron system with control via the Crestron iPad app and the Crestron controls.

The original specification didn’t account for a cinema room – and this part of the project was added at a very

The idea behind this loft conversion was to create a multi-functional home cinema room that showed little sign of the AV solutions in place. The team at West London AV solutions acoustically treated the room to account for the numerous pitches and windows synonymous with loft spaces. The team used acoustic fabric on the walls and ceilings and then built in a starlight ceiling, which along with perimeter lighting can be controlled by the Crestron system.

By using the Audipack

Mirror-Kit (MKT-265WS) the team was able to integrate the projector into the acoustic ceiling, fixing it permanently above the ceiling, resulting in a more silent presentation and invisibility. The reflection system is used to project the

encrusted with LED lights augments the interior design. To ensure the audio

lived up to the room’s high standard, MultiZone selected Waterfall Audio’s latest Professional Custom Series loudspeakers.

“The aim of the technology 40 June 2014

strikingly designed interior for the living room required an elegant audio solution. For this, MultiZone opted for the Waterfall Niagara speakers, which are made from glass and therefore complemented the marble floors and glass furnishings perfectly. Once

easy-to-use solution for AV, multimedia, lighting, shades, security and other automated functions. For this a Crestron control solution was implemented, while a Sonos system was selected for audio distribution throughout the house.

late stage. However, despite its late arrival into the plans, all the room’s technology needed to be low key. This was achieved with a recessed projector that can be automatically lowered on a mechanical lift by using a Crestron control. The screen and directional speakers were fitted in-ceiling, while the subwoofer is in-wall with only the grille visible. With one press of a button, the curtain and blinds close and the projector and screen come down; and when the projector is on, the lights slowly dim to the client’s preferred brightness.


image on to the electrical 4-way masking screen. This enabled West London AV to conceal the installation when the room is not being used as a cinema. The room is controlled via the Crestron system by using an iPad application and a MTX-3 handheld remote. The Crestron system also integrates operation of the blinds.

In addition, the team specified a bespoke cinema seating arrangement from Cinematech in the US with electrical reclining seats. The final specification for the install was that the client had access to numerous centrally distributed services such as PS3, XBox, Sky and foreign TV networks, all from the Crestron Digital Media system.



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