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RESIDENTIAL Teamwork Award



An unused double garage became a top-of-the-range cinema room in this install by Cinema Rooms. The integrators worked closely with the room designer to create a space dedicated to cinema – offering discreet loudspeakers, LED lighting and fresh interior fixtures and fittings.

With the help of Artcoustic UK, a speaker Star Product Award


Central to this install was the Crestron Sonnex Multiroom audio system, which is a fully scalable audio distribution system that delivers high- output audiophile sound quality to every room with significantly reduced cabling, low power consumption, advanced DSP and integrator- friendly set-up. It reduced

the amount of cabling as well as providing low power consumption, advanced DSP with a maximum of 74 zones of audio. The system is combined with Bowers & Wilkins in- ceiling speakers for maximum sound output, offering the highest output per channel thanks to Sonnex.


For this project the integrator wanted to ensure the room was multifunctional, acting as a cinema, games room, reading room and ‘chillout zone’. This meant the ability to hide elements – such as the projection screen and the projector itself – was integral to the final result. By using the Audipack

Mirror-Kit (MKT-265WS) the team was able to integrate the projector into the acoustic ceiling, fixing it permanently above the ceiling resulting in a more

silent presentation and invisibility. The minimised dimensions of the mirror panel also help to reduce distraction. In addition, because the projector is out of sight it is also less likely to be damaged, vandalised or stolen. Other features of the

Mirror-Kit are its practicality and durability. It shows no image distortion and the larger lower mirror is motorised, so the client is able to control it quickly and simply via the Crestron system.


Finding a loudspeaker solution that adhered to the luxury design scheme led the Multizone team to select Waterfall’s Niagara series. Although not a typical installation product, the

striking Niagara, which features loudspeakers encased in glass stands to offer an elegant aesthetic, seemed a perfect match in luxury to the room’s interior. The customer was

satisfied with how the speaker complemented their furniture. As for the cinema room,

it was the sound of the new Pro Custom Series that was the decisive factor.


The LR and SLR series speakers from Stealth Acoustics enabled the team to keep the AV system low profile, which suited the room’s minimalist design. The devices can be painted, plastered over, wallpapered or even wood covered to ensure they remain hidden. The high-quality audio

reproduction of Stealth units is a major plus point. With dispersion characteristics well suited to an in-ceiling surround sound set-up, the Stealth speakers proved a resounding success for the project. What’s more, because the speakers can be painted over it makes it very easy for the building contractor to feather the plaster up to the concealed unit, making

June 2014 41

installation very simple and exactly what the interior designer was after. Several Stealth MBX back

boxes were also used to securely mount the speakers

prior to installation. As well as providing solid fixing points for the speaker surrounds, the all-metal boxes also help to improve low-frequency performance of the units.

design was used that would fit the space the team had available while still producing quality audio. The team also worked

closely with a room designer, who visited the client a number of times to get the carpet and colour scheme correct for the room but also to the client’s taste.

Property developer Mount Anvil briefed Olive Audio Visual to create a fully integrated AV and home automation solution for a three-bedroom penthouse in Clerkenwell. As a show apartment for other high- end builds across London, the property needed to excite potential investors and purchasers. Olive collaborated with interior designer Brill to combine the AV technology with its planned, modern apartment aesthetic. As one example, clear communication between Olive and Brill prevented speakers being located in walls where they would have been covered by artworks. The project had a short lead time from initial brief to completion. Typically a project of this nature would take about six months in terms of design, co-ordination, installation and commissioning for the whole team, but this project was turned around in about six weeks.


On this project, Kensington AV had to work closely with the client, which was a development company – meaning every piece of kit had to be carefully selected in line with the interior design and functionality of the space. Keeping to the specified

budget was also a main objective due to the nature

of property development work. However, Kensington AV did not compromise on the quality of the AV system and the control system. The main objective of

developers is always to minimse costs; however on this project while the developer has tried to save money it has also invested in very good systems.


Several obstacles were overcome by the team comprising four ‘especially motivated’ individuals to ensure this project was completed on time. These included organising shipping and sourcing local hardware for a project at an altitude of 400m; the team’s operations manager put together the a schedule to follow, organised travel plans and was a source of contact and support throughout. Another issue was ensuring the products,

which were selected by Inspired Dwellings’ senior product manager, arrived at their destination. This required both him and the new AV installer to make a 12-hour drive to the resort. When a 55in flat screen

failed to arrive, the team liaised with head office to locate it and get it back on course. To ensure it didn’t miss its target a second time, the duo waited at the bottom of the mountain in freezing weather conditions to take delivery.

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