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Lenses and optics Fast-axis collimator

Limo has extended the wavelength range for its fast-axis collimator (FAC) lenses. The FAC300 microlens previously featured focal lengths between 0.29 and 1.5mm and a standard coating of 790 to 990nm. This lineup has now been joined by two new product lines for the red (600 to 700nm) and infrared (1,000 to 1,600nm) wavelength ranges. Limo can now offer customers the ability to order FAC lenses with standard coatings for a wavelength range of 600 to 1,600nm. This enables the cost-effective series production of coated lenses for any type of laser application. That spectrum now ranges from the use of lasers in materials processing, medical engineering and pump applications to laser TVs and laser projectors.

Multi-focal diffractive optical element

Holo/Or has launched a multi-focal (MF) diffractive optical element (DOE), which allows a single collimated incident beam to focus simultaneously at several focal lengths along the propagation axis. The number of foci and the distance between them is predetermined during the design. The MF-DOE can be manufactured on a window as a general solution, for a variety of operating working distances, or as a hybrid element on a plano- convex lens for tailored solution. MF elements are mainly used for microscopy and in the laser cutting industries.

Software PicoHarp 300 data acquisition software

PicoQuant has released version 3.0 of its data acquisition software for the PicoHarp 300 Time- Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) system. Version 3.0 provides a programmable time offset in the sync input to replace adjustable cable delays (4ps resolution, ±100ns) and a programmable time offset in all PHR 800 router channels to tune | @electrooptics

for relative delay (4ps resolution, ±8ns). It also provides a new future-proof file format and export of histograms directly to ASCII files, as well as various improvements in usage and user interface. The PicoHarp 300 is based on a new time digitiser with four picoseconds resolution, a very short dead time, a processing rate of up to 10 million counts per second, and an extremely low

differential non-linearity. The system provides two identical input channels that can operate independently, but with a common crystal time base. Therefore, not only traditional TCSPC histograms for the measurement of fluorescence decays, but picosecond coincidence correlations can also be obtained.

FEBRUARY 2014 l ELECTRO OPTICS 37 Beam Analyzer Touch

The AMS Technologies’ Beam Analyzer Touch is a new small footprint, stand-alone unit with a built-in touch screen and measuring head. The beam analyser uses tomographic image

reconstruction of 2D/3D images to measure beam profile, beam size, beam shape, position and power. The unit has a spectral range from 190nm to 2,700nm and can measure beam sizes from 2µm to 10mm with 0.1µm resolution.

Analysis, test and measurement ProMetric I2 colorimeter

Radiant Zemax has released the ProMetric I2, the newest member of its ProMetric I family of imaging colorimeters. Designed to meet the speed of high-volume production lines, it incorporates ProMetric I’s technology in a two- megapixel, 1,600 x 1,200 pixel model, suitable for applications such as colour and luminance uniformity testing in flat panel displays, light measurement and characterisation of LED products.

The imaging colorimeters are specialised CCD-based camera systems that replicate human spatial perception of brightness and colour. Three models of ProMetric I imaging colorimeters are now available to accommodate a range of application requirements: ProMetric I2, I8, and 16, built around two-megapixel, eight- megapixel, and 16-megapixel cooled interline CCD sensors, respectively. Each is available with interchangeable lenses to enable measurements

across different distances and viewing angles. ProMetric 12 supports USB and Ethernet communications. Smart Technology features include electronic lens control and onboard touchscreen. The family can also be paired with the Radiant Zemax TrueTest Automated Visual Inspection system.

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