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SHOW PHOTONICS WEST Photonics’ golden gateway

The photonics industry will gather once again at Photonics West in San Francisco from 1 to 6 February, where a huge diversity of light-based and optical technologies will be on show. Here is some of what will be on display


AdlOptica, a supplier of various optical components and systems for industry, science and medicine will exhibit its refractive field mapping systems, piShaper and Focal- piShaper, for laser beam shaping. The piShaper produces a collimated flat-top beam over a large working distance, which enables the beam to be manipulated and re-sized with conventional imaging optics. It is possible to convert a Gaussian laser beam into a collimated flat-top (or top-hat) beam with nearly 100 per cent efficiency.

PIE Photonics West will once again take place in San Francisco from 1 to

6 February. Some 20,000 visitors will attend the event for the laser and photonics community, which boasts two exhibitions – BiOS Expo, 1 to 2 February and the Photonics West exhibition, 4 to 6 February – and 1,240 exhibiting companies.

The technical conference will

see around 4,600 papers presented over six tracks: BiOS will have the latest research from the area of biophotonics, including biomedical optics, therapeutics, tissue engineering, clinical technologies, and microscopy, among others. The Translational Research strand will cover photonic techniques that impact healthcare and is designed to facilitate the translation of biophotonics research into clinical practice. LASE will cover lasers and light sources, OPTO will focus on optoelectronic devices and materials, and there are also stands

on MOEMS and MEMS, including micro and nanofabrication, and Green Photonics, which includes solid-state lighting, fusion, and photovoltaics. There are also 17 plenary and ‘hot topic’ presentations taking place, 70 courses and workshops, panel discussions, a job fair, and industry and networking events. In addition, SPIE will hold the Startup Challenge on 5 February – a chance for new photonics businesses to pitch their technology to a team of expert judges. The entrepreneurs have just three minutes to present their technology, with the top pitch winning $10,000 cash and $5,000 worth of equipment. The Prism Awards will be

presented on 5 February – a total of 27 finalists over nine categories will be present at the awards ceremony.

l To view the full conference and exhibition programmes, visit:

Being originally designed as

achromatic for two laser wavelengths, piShaper could be easily tuned to work at other laser wavelengths within a wider range. The same effective sizes of input and output beams make it easy to use piShaper in an application.

Aerotech will be showing its Nmark AGV-HP advanced galvanometers,

which use innovative optical feedback technology to increase resolution to greater than 24 bits. Both the standard AGV and higher performance AGV-HP series scanners can be driven directly by Aerotech’s Nmark CLS galvo controller, which offers a full suite of advanced application tools that include Position Synchronised Output (PSO) and Infinite Field of View (IFOV). PSO ties laser pulses directly to galvo position. IFOV synchronises servo and scanner motion under one controller environment to allow fast scanner positioning over the entire


Andor will showcase its recent innovations including the new Holospec F/1.8 imaging spectrograph. The new Holospec is an ideal solution for researchers interested in collecting more light and achieving better signal-to-noise ratio. It is well suited for applications such as micro-Raman mapping, microfluidics, real-time medical diagnosis (point-of-care analysers) or stand-off bacteriologic agents. Visitors can also see the new Zyla sCMOS fibre optic camera. This addition to Andor’s sCMOS camera portfolio is ideal for researchers working in high energy detection applications such as X-ray. Andor will also have a selection of other cameras and spectrographs including the iVac, Zyla 4.2, Newton and new iDus 416 cameras as well as the Shamrock 303 spectrograph.

Arden Photonics will introduce the BQM-50 Beam Propagation Analyzer

@electrooptics |

servo travel, eliminating galvo field of view constraints.

The AGV is available with 10mm, 14mm and 20mm apertures with standard F-theta lens interfaces to provide maximum application flexibility. The AGV can be configured to accommodate 1,064nm, 532nm and 355nm wavelengths, with other wavelengths available upon request. A variety of focal lengths are standard, with correction files provided to remove lens distortion effects.

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