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The latest news from the UK and abroad, encompassing research, the latest applications, business developments, and news from EPIC by director general Carlos Lee

Feature: Mirror on semicon Feature: Food for thought

Jessica Rowbury investigates how spectrometers are increasingly used to test the content of food

Feature: Balancing the energy equation Show preview: Photonics West

A round-up some of the photonics technology that will be on show in San Francisco between 1 and 6 February


The latest photonics products from around the world Product Focus: Optical filters

A round-up of the latest optical filter releases Suppliers’ Directory

Find the photonics suppliers you need Technology Focus

Greg Blackman discusses ultrafast laser technology with Trumpf's Dirk Sutter

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Tom Eddershaw investigates the state of laser fusion projects and asks how the research can benefit industry

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Katia Moskvitch looks at attempts to bring EUV lithography into mainstream semiconductor production

18 18 4 14 What is photonics?

Ask the average man on the street what electronics is and they’ll have a reasonable idea of what the term means. They’ll be able to name a few electronic products even if they can’t explain the science. Ask them what photonics is though and the reply will probably be ‘no idea’. This is largely because photonics as a sector doesn’t really produce a tangible product, not one that everyone uses, anyway. (Electronics, while similarly abstract in terms of products, is better known as what makes computers and the like tick.) Rather, photonics enables all sorts of other devices to be made, like mobile phones, cars, and medical instruments – the list of areas influenced by photonics is endless. The UN General Assembly has designated 2015 as the International Year of Light – to try and increase awareness of this essential, but little-known technology. There will be plenty of light-based events planned, both during 2015 and in the run up this year. More information on the initiative can be found in the news section on page 9. To get a good idea of the range of photonic technologies available, there’s no better place than Photonics West, which takes place from 1 to 6 February in San Francisco. This issue has a preview of some of the technology on display on page 26. The Electro Optics team will be there, so please drop by our booth (#2408) or follow us on twitter at @electrooptics for live updates during the show. We look forward to seeing you there!

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