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interoperability with popular CAD systems.

In addition, Lambda Research Corporation will also be displaying the OSLO imaging system design software used for determination of optimal size and shape of lenses and other optical components.


Components will show its new class of photodiode

Laser Beam Products will be exhibiting a range of its metal mirrors including gold coated copper, aluminium, molybdenum, and stainless steel. The company’s chemical polishing gives a super-smooth finish superior to diamond machined surfaces. Combined with a range of optical coatings, LBP’s mirrors are widely used from

products including transmission flats and Pockels cells.

L-3 Applied Optics Center will be exhibiting at the show. The centre

provides thin film coatings and optical assemblies for imaging and machine vision applications. Based on the company’s history of supplying reliable, custom solutions for military applications, L-3 is now providing optical solutions and assemblies for commercial markets. A wide range of products include laser protection filters, precision optical assemblies, optical components, large-format optical thin film coatings, thin film patterning and rapid component and subassembly prototyping. The company’s capabilities include designing, testing, and high-volume production of both high-layer-count (up to 250 discrete layers) and high-value thin film optical coatings for a variety of applications, such as

the UV to terahertz wavelengths, as well as the traditional infrared. Suitable for applications such as gas sensing, medical and dental lasers, high power pulsed and CW CO2

laser cutting, and infrared

counter measures, the company’s metal mirrors are resistant to harsh environments with high laser damage thresholds.

instrumentation and display. Markets served include biomedical/medical, commercial, industrial, military, defence, and aerospace.

Lambda Research, a designer and publisher of illumination and

optical design software, will be performing live demonstrations of the TracePro v7.4, its latest software release. This new version features improved photorealistic rendering capabilities using photon mapping to render scenes, sources, light pipes, and instrument panels. This method is superior for rendering scenes where multiple bounces occur in lightpipes, lenses, standard optical components, and for LED source colour rendition. TracePro is illumination design, analysis, and optimisation software that streamlines the prototype to manufacturing process with a familiar CAD interface, 2D and 3D optimisation, and seamless


sensors that can serve as the building blocks of intelligent networks. The InGaAs photodiode sensors are plug-and-play.

The company also offers the

Major-A, a panchromatic detector with a sensitivity range of 450nm to more than 2,000nm and with reduced temperature dependence of the photodiode.

This digital sensor also boasts

internal storage capacity and digital and analogue output. The Major-A was created for

target groups ranging from laser manufacturers to manufacturers of laser-based machine tools, and NIR- based measurement or monitoring equipment.

Laser Components will also be displaying its MV Laser Series, its range of laser modules for machine vision. These modules range from almost as small as a matchstick (MVfemto) to having optical powers up to 5W (MVgiga) or line thickness as small as 5µm (MVmicroline). The machine vision laser modules are designed with line intensities of ±10 per cent and high line straightness up to ±0.1 per cent.

Laser Quantum will be exhibiting its range of CW lasers including the Finesse

Pure CEP, which can be modulated with direct feedback from the CEP locking electronics, negating the requirement for an AOM.

The 660nm addition to the Opus range will also be on show, which

offers up to 1.5W performance, for use in many applications. Other CW lasers will include the Torus 532nm and 660nm actively locked frequency range, and the Gem and Ventus OEM and scientific lasers, with a range of visible wavelengths. Ultrafast products will include the

Taccor, which can extend sample lifetimes and adds new capabilities in frequency comb applications, as well as the Gecco 84MHz femtosecond laser, an integrated oscillator and pump source with a small footprint.

Laser-Compact Group will

demonstrate a new Tech-series of actively

Q-switched DPSS lasers for industrial applications. Available wavelengths include 263nm, 351nm, 527nm and 1,053nm. Offering both high power and high laser intensity on target, these lasers are designed for efficient laser micromachining.

Other possible applications include photoacoustics, OPO pumping, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and remote sensing.

The lasers provide high pulse

energy of up to 2mJ, pulse-to-pulse stability of less than one per cent, and high peak power and beam quality (TEM00, M2 < 1.2).

Limo will present the g2T scan system. The Gaussian to top hat converter has integrated scanning technology for quick and precise laser structuring of six inch solar wafers. The g2T converts Gaussian beams into homogeneous top hat profiles instead of the typical saw tooth pattern, and the system has a closed optical core with integrated galvo mirrors and an F-theta lens. Specifically designed for laser direct structuring with single mode lasers of 532nm and with a scan field of 160 x 160mm, the system is primarily suitable for use in the structuring of solar cells.

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