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lasers is accomplished according to rigid procedures with a stringent level of quality control. The company gives a standard warranty period of 24 months for all its products. The femtosecond Origami platform offers pedestal-free pulse shape and low noise performance. High-power versions are available up to 100µJ of pulse energy. The picosecond Katana platform offers the versatility of continuously tuning the pulse repetition rate, from pulse on demand up to 120MHz. The complete product portfolio also includes the <20ps Genki lasers and picosecond gain-switched semiconductor laser diodes PiLas.

Opto Diode’s new OD-669-850 infrared light-emitting diode (IRLED) device will be on display. The IRLED is ideal for night vision illumination tasks. It provides a uniform optical beam with a spectral bandwidth at 50 per cent of typically 40nm. The product’s half-intensity beam angle is 120°. All surfaces on the standard two-lead, TO-66 electrically-isolated package are gold-plated.

The IRLED illuminator’s operating and storage temperatures range from -40°C to +100°C with a maximum junction temperature of 100°C. Power dissipation is 6W (absolute maximum ratings at 25°C), with a continuous-forward current of 370mA, a peak-forward current of 1A and reverse voltage at 5V. The lead-soldering temperature (at 1/16 inch from case for 10 seconds) is 260°C.

Physik Instrumente, of Karlsruhe, Germany will be displaying its standard and OEM products with piezo or motor drives. The company produces precision positioning technology for use in the fields of photonics, nanotechnology, semiconductor and life sciences.

Pixelteq will

demonstrate its new PixelSensor

multispectral sensors.

Demos at the Pixelteq booth will highlight the benefits of its multispectral sensors and cameras.

ProPhotonix will be exhibiting its laser and LED solutions for vision applications. The vision solutions on display will include the 3D Pro series of structured light lasers as well as a demonstration of the company’s OEM laser and LED capabilities. The 3D Pro series of compact laser diode modules has been designed specifically for integration into machine vision applications.

Dr Eric Chandler will be conducting presentations in the exhibit hall demo areas summarising recent innovations and applications in multispectral sensing on 4 February at 3.30pm in Demo Area two of North Hall D (Photonics West), and 1 February at 1.30pm in the BiOS Demo Area (BiOS). At the Electronic Imaging

conference on 4 February, Pixelteq will be demonstrating its PixelCam multispectral cameras and presenting its approach to delivering real-time multispectral imaging in a compact footprint.

OSI Laser Diode will show its SCW 1532-500R high-power, pulsed laser diode module. The laser features power higher than 500mW and operates at 1,550nm. It is ideal for use in optical spectrum analysers (OSAs) and optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs). The 14-pin butterfly package with an industry-standard pin- out offers excellent pulse drift performance and high stability. The 1,550nm, high-power laser diode module is the first in a series of three

devices and two more modules, with 1,310nm and 1,625nm wavelengths respectively, are in development.

The laser diode is optically coupled to an SMF fibre pigtail and includes a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and an electrically isolated temperature-sensing thermistor. Other features include optical power at 500mW, a threshold current of 70mA, and a typical forward voltage of 2V to a maximum of 3V.


Pixelteq is also sponsoring a contest for the best multispectral sensor application. Visitors can submit their ideas at the Pixelteq booth.

PowerPhotonic will be showcasing its new beam shaper technology for high-power laser applications. The beam-shaper optics integrate a number of customer benefits, giving a flexible choice of beam profile with a single thin optical element, which copes with high peak power, is ultra- efficient, while being insensitive to the input beam characteristics. PowerPhotonic will also be

This product line has recently been extended to include the 3D Pro variable focus laser for increased flexibility in 3D imaging applications. In addition, ProPhotonix will launch its 3D Pro Laser Green. This direct emission green laser module provides a compact solution to OEMs and system integrators requiring a green structured light laser.

showcasing its new LightForge low cost rapid fabrication service for micro-optics and presenting a paper at the conference. In session seven on Laser Processing of Novel Structures and Complex Shapes, the company will report on how the LightForge process can be used to realise a complex custom optic using data generated directly from a design in Zemax.

Precision Glass and Optics (PG&O) will have a variety of precision optical prisms on show, along with cube beamsplitters, corner cube retro-reflectors, integrator rods, mirrors, and windows. The company will also display its optically thin film coatings for imaging, machine vision, defence and commercial applications including antireflection, beamsplitters, hot and cold mirrors, indium tin oxide (ITO), bandpass, longwave bandpass, shortwave bandpass, and maximum reflectors. PG&O are specialists in optical manufacturing, glass fabrication and precision thin films offering optics and plano optical components for imaging and display applications.

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