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Alphanov, the technology centre of Route des Lasers in France, has begun its installation within the Institut d’optique d’Aquitaine in the French region of Aquitaine near Bordeaux. The centre is also now a partner in two European photonics projects: Lashare, aiming to develop new industrial laser systems, and Nano2Fun, which aims to train young scientists on new two-photon techniques.

The University of Adelaide in Australia has been awarded $23 million by the Australian Research Council (ARC) in order to establish a Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale Biophotonics, which will develop light-based technologies to probe molecular processes within living systems.

Bioaxial has completed a €1.9 million equity investment by three large investors; Amorcage Technologique Investissement, Inserm Transfert Initiative and Viveris Management, in addition to a range of individual investors.

Luxexcel Group has announced that the European investors Munich Venture Partners, ChrysalixSET and Filsa Capital, will invest several million Euros into the company to enhance its capacity in additive manufacturing of lenses and optical components.


Highyag Lasertechnologie has appointed Dr Holger Schlüter as its managing director.

Laser Components has appointed Uwe Schallenberg as its head of production of the optical technologies department.

Bob Hainsey has joined SPIE, where he will serve as the society’s science and technology strategist.

he EPIC anniversary, which took place on 13 December in Brussels, Belgium, was celebrated through a rich combination

of activities, bringing together the focus on public policy as well as the European photonics community cohesion. Meetings with the European Commission, an EU funding session, the presentation of the EPIC Phoenix Award, and the two panel discussions on technology and business made up the core of the event. 160 delegates from 26 countries attended the occasion, including executives from industry and representatives from public authorities. EPIC was also recognised by OSA for its sustained effort in promoting the photonics industry in Europe for a decade. The keynote presentation

News from EPIC By Carlos Lee, director general, EPIC

Industry leaders celebrate EPIC 10th anniversary

Panel discussion on ‘Science, Research, and Applications’

EPIC Events Technology workshop:

Optical Interconnect in Data Centers 18-19 March 2014; Berlin, Germany

EPIC EU Funding 19 March 2014; Berlin, Germany

EPIC EU Funding 27 March 2014; Brussels, Belgium

by Imec gave participants the opportunity to peak into the exciting possibilities for electronics and photonics in the field of medical and life science, which triggered great interest and discussion in the subsequent panel discussions. The photovoltaic technology also put

forward several comments related to pricing, manufacturing, and regulation, but Eicke Weber from Fraunhofer ISE reminded all of the importance of access to capital for large-scale manufacturing capability and also clarified misconceptions about the cost of PV and how,


in some regions, it is already competitive. At the moment, however, industry is still heavily reliant on support from public authorities (even though the accessibility and priorities need to be reviewed) hence a possible call for follow-up action may be coordinated by EPIC on behalf of its members. Drew Nelson, president of EPIC, asked for regulations to be aligned and supportive of Europe’s priorities, pointing out that GaAS and InP have been placed by the European Chemicals Agency on the list of SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) and that EPIC asked for a diligence process. Regularly the discussion

was brought back to politicians, elected by citizens, hence the need for further promotion of photonics towards the public at large. A unique opportunity for raising awareness of photonics will be during the United

Nations recognised 2015 Year of Light, supported by EPIC and many organisations worldwide. A participant suggested to complement this with an annual ‘Day of Photonics’ for long-term systematic awareness of the industry’s importance and contribution to addressing our societal challenges. The session on EU funding gathered 70 companies with extensive experience in EU funding and which are currently planning their participation in the upcoming calls. @electrooptics |

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