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Innovations in Optics has introduced a new model into its

product line of LumiBright FC fibre-coupled LED light engines. The Model 2400B-510 is an OEM light engine that provides luminous power for optical fibre and liquid light guides.

The Model 2400B-510 is designed for fibre and light guide input apertures sized from 1.0 to 3.0mm in diameter. The product features patented technologies that encompass non-imaging optics with LED chip-on-board (COB) metallic substrates to provide both optimum luminous efficacy and thermal management.

The 2400B-510 is suited to OEM endoscope and microscope illuminator applications. It provides a nominal correlated colour temperature of 4,700K and can emit up to 600 lumens through its 3mm diameter aperture with no

UV or IR emissions. Typical light engine system accessories include thermal management devices, wire harnesses, and driver/controllers. Custom connectors and light guide ferrule holders can be designed and manufactured upon request.

Inrad Optics is displaying its nonlinear crystal technology, including

BBO for UV generation and ZGP for MWIR generation, and its family of Pockels cells. Inrad Optics grows, fabricates, coats, and assembles all its crystal components and Pockels cells in-house.

The company’s ZGP efforts have

resulted in lower absorption and offer a standard size at lower cost for product development purposes. Also, crystals can be polished that are as thin as 30m. The company’s website offers customers the ability to automatically configure and price

Universal LED Controllers Manual TTL

Autocorrelator for measuring the pulse width of laser sources

Broad variety of different versions covering in total

• Wavelengths from 260 nm ... 20 µm •

pulseCheck autocorrelator Ultrafast pulse diagnostics Analog

Software (via USB)

Distinctive spectrometer providing high spectral resolution over a large wavelength range

• High resolution < 0.2 nm Booth 4633

Visit us at Photonics West

Your LED control solutions

Order Online, Ship Worldwide, Excellent Support Simply Brighter

Tel: +1-416-840-4991 or +1-925-218-1885 Email: or

• Different wavelength ranges in total from 200 ... 2600 nm

• Fiber input (user exchangeable) optionally available

• Longer wavelengths on request waveScan USB laser spectrometer Angewandte Physik & Elektronik GmbH

Pulse durations from 20 fs ... 400 ps (scan range 1.6 ns)

KrellTech will be displaying its line of photonic polishing and inspection equipment, with an emphasis on bare fibre processors including the Trig system. Additionally, the company will

be introducing the FLex polisher for waveguides, optical chips and planar lightguide circuits; the Scepter system, an automated

system with PC control for high volume component production; and the Rev micro-polisher, which can repair damaged optical connectors and cable assemblies to Telcordia standards. Real-time video monitoring and in-line surface inspection modules are available with most KrellTech equipment.


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