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SPECTROGON Optical filters • Coatings • Gratings

Menlo Systems will present its full range of frequency combs,

lasers, terahertz solutions and photodetectors at the show. Special highlights include the fibre-coupled spectrometer TERA K15, the highly flexible BlueCut microjoule laser and the rugged, compact ELMO series of femtosecond lasers.

Mightex will be at Photonics West showcasing its

WFC-series multi-wavelength fibre-coupled LED sources, which combine up to eight LED’s into one fibre with high efficiency, without any moving part in the optical path and with wavelengths ranging from 240-940nm. With a standard SMA connector, the fibre is interchangeable and customers can use fibres with different core sizes and NA’s. One application of such a WFC-series LED source is a full-spectrum LED source for optical spectroscopy, which covers a continuous spectrum ranging from UV through the visible to the near-infrared.

Ocean Optics will display its Prism Award nominated, handheld Raman spectrometer.

Ophir Photonics will feature its laser measurement products at the show, including the 100K-W laser power meter, a commercial sensor for measuring very high power 100kW lasers. The 100K-W meter is designed for fibre lasers used in industrial material processing, such as thermal ablation, heavy-section welding, and metal forming, as well as military directed-energy applications. NADEX Laser R&D Center (Tsuruga City, Japan) recently successfully tested the 100K-W at up to 100,000 Watts on a fibre laser mounted on a robot arm. The company will also show its | @electrooptics

The IDRaman Mini is a finalist in the defence and security category of the awards and is distinguished as a small-footprint, high accuracy instrument ideal for applications ranging from first responders identifying explosives to quality control specialists involved in sample authentication.

The IDRaman uses a novel sampling technique called Raster Orbital Scanning (ROS) where a tightly focused laser beam is moved or rastered across the sample in an orbital pattern. This allows an area about 10 times larger than the laser focus spot to be sampled, encountering more Raman active compounds.

The IDRaman Mini is just 9.1 x 7.1 x 3.8cm and weighs about 11oz. Its small size and operation from two AA batteries makes IDRaman very attractive for applications where a light, portable instrument is desired.

Onefive will exhibit its range of laser systems and will raffle its S/N1000 laser to celebrate the completion of its 1,000th system. Onefive lasers are designed and qualified for continuous operation under harsh environments. A focused product development approach provides a dust-sealed, maintenance- free small footprint product with turn-key operation. Assembly of the

Optical Filters 220-15000 nm • Bandpass

• Longwave-pass • Shortwave-pass • Broad-bandpass • Neutral Density • Service stock

Diffraction Gratings UV-NIR

• Pulse compression • Telecom • Laser tuning • Monochromators • Spectroscopy • Stock available

Welcome to visit us at:

Stand no 201

Spectrogon’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Taby, Sweden.

Filter products: We manufacture filters for the range 220-15000 nm. Common coating sizes are Ø12.7, Ø25.4, Ø50.8, Ø75.0, Ø100.0 and Ø200.0 mm. Most of these filters can be diced to custom- made sizes, down to as small as 1.0x1.0 mm.

Sweden: • Tel +46 86382800 UK: • Tel +44 1592770000 US: • Tel +1 9733311191

Grating products: We are a world leading manufacturer of high effi- ciency pulse compression gratings. Manufacturing sizes from a few millime- ters square up to 120.0x140.0 mm.

Gentec Power Meters Get accurate measurements

and fast response times with Gentec's thermopile and pyroelectric power meters.

- Available with various absorbers.

- With the highest damage thresholds, Gentec's power meters cover a wide range going from the nanowatts to multi-kilowatts.

- Solutions for powers as high as 25kW, (more upon request). Gentec's high power detectors can be customized to any shape you need.

BeamWatch non-contact, focus spot size and position monitor for high-power industrial YAG and fibre lasers. It measures laser parameters without requiring contact with the laser beam. Measurements are taken every 60ms by measuring the Rayleigh scatter caused by the beam.

- All power detectors are compatible with Gentec's range of power/energy monitors.

Laser Lines Ltd., Beaumont Close, Banbury, Oxon OX16 1TH Tel: 01295 672500 | Email:

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