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John Adams has two new offerings from the Rubik’s range; Rubik’s Code – the code breaking game for two players and the Rubik’s 2x2, now 13 per cent bigger – with new mechanical design. Dragon Chase challenges children to escape with their treasure and avoid the Dragon’s swooping head. Rolit is a strategy game with a twist: find it, block it, roll it and win. Players must block opponents’ pieces and turn them into their own colour to win. Telestrations is a party game which

has players drawing what they see, then guessing what they saw, to reveal unpredictable outcomes from a choice of 2,400 words. The Chase challenges players to make it through two rounds to the Final Chase and beat The Chaser. The game is suitable for


Flair has a new challenging board game based on the hit Nickelodeon TV show. It is the first House of Anubis product in the toy category in the UK. The game board echoes the English boarding school from the series. Each of the rooms and corridors is pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle so the game is different every time. The aim of the game is to collect the hieroglyph tokens, while avoiding the caretaker and other pitfalls along the way. The first player to collect six tokens and get back to their bed is the winner.


Following the success of the re- introduction of Poppin’ Hoppies at Toy Fair 2012, University Games is investing in a TV ad campaign. Pointless board game sales continue

to grow, and the addition of a travel version later this year will contain 120 new questions. The Gruffalo range also remains strong. The Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game is a high volume seller, and the Hide and Seek Mini Game will be introduced for autumn/winter. The Gruffalo Felt Play Board and Magnetic Adventures will also join the range. The Hidden Force will launch within the family games sector. The strategy game is played on a magnetic board. Color On is a unique colouring experience, while 1,000-piece puzzles of Madalene’s Hearts feature photography of unique heart-shaped collages created from everyday objects. Murder Mystery Party Games and glow in the dark Great Explorations continue to grow.

APRIL 2012 0208 633 0320

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three to six players. The London Game (£19.99) allows players to enjoy a race through the city’s classic underground, passing through iconic stations and London landmarks. Finally, The Great Game of Britain takes players aged seven plus back to the age of steam.


Fly Trap marks an expansion for Esdevium into the kids’ action games category. The game is set for a Q3 launch, complete with PR support and TV advertising. Esdevium’s trademark family games, Jungle Speed and Dobble, achieved strong growth last year and will continue into 2012 with widespread targeted marketing and hundreds of product demonstrations. Licensed games

such as Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and ITV’s Take Me Out will continue to be exclusive properties of


Corgi is releasing a selection of new ranges this spring to develop playtime and creativity for little ones. The new Corgi Toys Play Mat

It’s not that easy though, draw an action card on each turn and use it to help yourself or obstruct your opponent. The complexity of the game and level of strategy can be varied.


The worldwide master toy and game partnership between Vivid Group and The Bridge Direct is unveiling an array of products for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again. The range includes board games inspired by the two films and launches before the December 14th release of the first film. New Pocket Games launch this year. And for the One Directioners out there, there is also a new One Direction Game. The first person to complete their game card and get the backstage pass wins. Players of Where’s Moshi have to ask questions to eliminate different Moshlings until they find the one they want to win. Autumn/winter sees the launch of the Monstro City Game where players race around Monstro City collecting various items and answering questions to win the Golden IGGY trophy. In the Race to Space game, Baby Jake’s friends race through outer

allows kids to race Corgi vehicles around the detailed map. Children can also choose from a range of themes including military, construction, emergency services and agriculture. Each set includes a selection of two themed vehicles, a plastic building and a mat. Additionally, Hornby Hobbies has expanded its portfolio by acquiring master toy rights for Olly the Little White Van. Introducing a selection of Olly puzzles, the licence introduces children to all of the vehicles

01483 449944

space to join him in Captain Spacey’s rocket. Vivid’s puzzle collection includes a

range of formats from three in a box to interactive puzzles. Autumn/winter will see the launch of new Moshi puzzles. Moshi Mania Puzzle is a collection of every monster you can think of in one puzzle with 250 pieces. Secret Reveal Puzzle is a 200-piece puzzle with a surprise.

The Cloudbabies line includes three jigsaw packs, while Smasha-Ballz monsters launch in autumn/winter.

01420 593500

Esdevium, with the latter currently midway through its third series. In addition to Take Me Out, the new game for 2012 is the Would I Lie to You TV licensed board game. Other new offerings include the

award-winning Ingenious board game and new Star Wars titles, including an X-Wing game.

International multi award- winning titles, Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, have seen sales rise every year they have been supplied by Esdevium and this trend is expected to continue. Esdevium will also exclusively supply Hasbro’s wooden box nostalgia titles.

01843 233500

and characters featured in the series. The collection comprises three puzzle products; the Mini Jigsaw 54-piece, a two jigsaw pack and a four jigsaw pack.

HTI 01253 778888

HTI’s Wood Works range of traditionally crafted wooden toys includes many pre- school wooden puzzles for 12 and 18- months upwards. All Wood Works pre-school puzzles

have been designed to help develop recognition of numbers, letters, shapes and colours, as well as enhance hand- eye coordination, cognitive abilities and stimulate visual development. Peg Puzzles include three assorted colourful cartoon scenes of adult and baby farm animals, jungle animals and vehicles. The Traditional Games range provides an extensive range of products from classic board games, bingo, towering blocks and educational games to travel games and magnetic compendiums.

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