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The iPhone controlled Ferrari Enzo has proportional steering, a fully functional suspension, realistic sound effects and a range of ten metres indoors or outside, plus 30 minutes continuous operation from a fresh set of four alkaline batteries. Additional features for the car include working headlamps, tail and brake lights, indicators and hazard warning lights. The distinctive on-screen Ferrari dashboard offers full gesture and virtual joystick control options, a collision sensor, battery power indicator, and provides vibration through an iPhone when you perform extreme manoeuvres.

01702 295 110 IMC

The car requires an iPhone or similar iOS device for operation. Download the Silverlit App free from the App Store. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, iPad 1 & 2, iPod Touch 3 and 4.

JUMBO 01707 289289

Jumbo Games is strengthening its position in the pre-teen boys market with new products for its puzzles and games portfolio.

A key focus is the launch of the

new Stratego board game. The classic iconic battlefield game has been reworked with fresh, modern artwork to depict a new futuristic theme.

In the head-to-head strategy game, players command an army of soldiers, machines, scouts and miners and devise a plan to break through their opponent’s line; but players still need to beware of bombs and enemy spies. Stratego has an recommended price of £14.99 and will be available from August.

The game has also been launched online through The online multiplayer experience will be available in three game plays: Original, Sci-fi and Kings and Wizards. Online gamers will also be able to

purchase new powers and character abilities to enhance game play.

Under the Amazing Spider- Man licence, IMC Toys has developed a range of products. In the play-sets category, targeting a lower price range, there is the helicopter, which transforms into a mini city with its own secret tunnel. Also available is the Spider Car and the Spider Play-set Truck. Inside the truck is a mini version of Manhattan city with many functions. Its cockpit and winch are removable and when opened, the trailer kids discover buildings, bridges and more decorations. It has a customised play area with all the villains and Spider-Man


Brainstorm is distributing the Slimy pocket money range of products. Slimy is a colourful, slippery compound which can make rude sounds. Choose from six different lines, including original pots, Mega Elastic, Volcano including bonus dinosaur with 12 to collect, T-Rex Tooth and more. The Eureka Toys Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector transforms bedrooms into a planetarium. With two domes, the planetarium projects

In addition, Jumbo will be launching a

range of games and puzzles for the hit cult TV series ThunderCats – including a Glow in the Dark Puzzle (£6.99, 100- pieces), Puzzle-A-Round (£12.99, 108- pieces) and a 2 in a Box Puzzle (£6.99, 2 x 70 pieces). All of which are set to hit stores this spring/summer with a Battle for the Lair Game (£9.99) planned for autumn/winter.

DKL 01604 678780

Hama offers a wide array of boy targeted sets like the large Construction Vehicles, containing approximately 4,000 beads. Bead supports are also included, enabling the finished product to stand up. Alongside this kit is the Trucks large box set, allowing children to make up to four trucks. For more of a challenge Hama offers a Robot making box set. For the Hama novice, Large Blister

Pack assortments offer dragon and transport designs. Within the hanging box set range is the Emergency Squad kit with 2,000 beads. In licences, the Disney Cars 2 Blister pack is new for 2012. Meanwhile, Mic.o.Mic lets children build and play. The toys are made from strong, textured high quality plastic. Vehicles are made up of bold primary coloured parts and are assembled by connecting small clips and pins by using

APRIL 2012

the provided tool. Children from three years plus can enjoy constructing Mic.o.Mic’s toys. Boy appropriate models include a Motor Scooter, a Racing Car and a floating Sailing Boat. The Chopper is currently the bestselling item in the range. New for May is the Jet Plane A380, an updated model on the original Jet Plane.

constellations onto surfaces. It’s also a slide projector and has 24-colour NASA and Hubble Telescope images to project. The Eureka Toys R/C Illuminated


Imagination Games has a number of product launches to complement its established portfolio.

These include Deadly 60 and Top Gear

Ruckus – fast paced, low price-point card games for boys. The game is simply: ‘see it, match it, steal it.’ With its frenetic pace, the card game

delivers energetic play for boys. The faster you are, the quicker you win.

In autumn/winter Imagination launches its Match of the Day Trivia Box – the trivia game which tests knowledge of all things football.

The game sees opponents pit their wits against each other in knock out trivia play and is competitively priced to sell in autumn/winter. Burping Burt is a plush monster with a bit of a naughty

01904 720 908

included. Including four vehicles and one helicopter. Also available is the Rescue Helicopter. A flying outdoor helicopter with spring loaded launcher.

01200 445113

Moon is a moonscape which shines moonlight. Operated by remote- control, users can scroll through 12 illuminated lunar phases. For observing the eight rotating planets as they orbit the light-up sun, there is the Eureka Toys R/C Illuminated Solar System. The Outdoor Adventure Microscope

is part of the Eureka Toys Outdoor Adventure range. The microscope has 20x to 40x magnification, built in illumination and a lanyard. Designed for observing wildlife, the Outdoor Adventure Binoculars are pocket-sized with 4x magnification and built in compass. The pocket-sized Outdoor Adventure Dynamo Torch has two LED bulbs and a hand crank in order to generate the power.

01270 619100

side, when he burps, parps, hiccups and sneezes. Kids must guess what sound Burt is going to make next. Cards are matched to the sounds with the aim of losing all your cards first. There are three games to play.

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