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Creative Toys Company is launching SoccerStarz – the spiritual successor to Corinthian’s Microstars football figurines. Corinthian sold 180 million units of these since 1996. Creative has licences for a range of teams including Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, Tottenham and Manchester City, with further teams to be added post-launch. Great attention has been paid by Creative to the player likeness, to ensure players are instantly recognisable.

Blind bags will contain one figure for £1.99, while one figure blister pack will cost around £2.99. Creative will also simultaneously launch a licensed football version of Basic Concepts’ Slingers featuring

0208 664 3484 CHARACTER OPTIONS 0161 633 9800

football specific gameplay. Slingers will be sold in Starter Packs and Gift Boxes, and the medallions featuring top footballers will be available in blind sachets, with a separate Collector Book for children to keep them in.


New JCB lines include a TV advertised Multi Construct Mighty Lift Crane, which will be on air in October. Using the drill provided, kids can make the vehicle and then take it apart and rebuild it. HTI is also

launching a new product segment to the JCB range for autumn/winter – Connecting World – comprising three play-sets which can click and connect together into a variety of layouts. Sets include Construction Site, Recycling Plant and Bridge Building. New additions to the JCB DIY role-play

toys include a durable tool case with battery operated drill and screwdriver with drill bit, flat head and cross head


Brookite has Amazing Spider-Man merchandise to coincide with the release of the summer movie, all bearing the Spider-Man logo. The range includes Stomp Rockets, Foam Planes, Boomerangs and Kite,s as well as some other flying toys, starting from under £1. The Windthings collection of windsocks, twisters, hot air balloons, mobiles and pinwheels has also been updated. A huge Shark windsock is added to the range along with a selection of new designs. The Union Jack Hot Air Balloon and Windsock will be out in time for the 2012 Olympics. Brookite has over 50 new lines, including Bugz Kites featuring a Spider, Snail, Ladybird and Bee and also the Safari Animals – Lion, Elephant, Tiger and Giraffe. The firm has also launched new trade website

APRIL 2012

accessories. New JCB outdoor lines include a Quad Bike and a Digger Ride- On with Trailer. New for boys in autumn/winter is the

Teamsterz Thunderdome Track Set and a new Teamsterz Dragon Track Set. New to the EVO line is the Flame

Thrower Scooter with engine sounds and flame effects; a durable skate helmet and knee and elbow pads.

01253 778888

Deadly 60 is joining Character Building this spring, followed by the FA, Sports Stars and Ben 10 in autumn. The FA construction range consists of key squad members from the England team and the Character Building Wembley Stadium. August will see the launch of Character Building Sports Stars. The Deadly 60 Character Building line launched in spring and features 15 micro figures and construction play-sets. Ben 10 and Football Collections will

provide greater depth to the Character Building portfolio.


Sentry Box with Budkin Guard is a painted wooden play-set, it includes the James the Royal Guard character from the diverse range of Budkins figurines. The product comes packaged in a window display box. The Royal Guard

character is fully poseable and is dressed in a fabric outfit; including a tactile faux bearskin cap, along with a rifle accessory.

Character’s links with WowWee sees the launch of AppGear; a line of apps that interact with toys. Using Augmented Reality, each game comes with a toy or accessory that works with the smart device to unlock the multi- platform game within. The first titles include Zombie Burbs and Foam Fighters, swiftly followed by Alien Jail Break and Elite CommandAR. HM Armed Forces also has new items.

The Crawling Infantry Man and the Character Building Army Guardsman will launch in time for the Diamond Jubilee.

020 8979 2036

Expected to retail at around £12.50, the Sentry Box with Guard joins other London centric Le Toy Van products, including the London Bus, the London Car Set and other Budkins such as the Heart of London triple set. All Le Toy Van painted wooden toys are designed in the UK and manufactured in Indonesia using

responsibly sourced materials.

01837 53315 REVELL 01442 890285

Revell's easykit series uses a Check, snap, play system which was created to encourage children into modeling. The model parts come painted true to the original in a range of designs and they only need to be snapped together, without gluing. Star Wars easykits and easykit pockets will be available from October. The easykit line-up includes the Sith Infiltrator, Anakin’s Podracer, TIE Fighter, Imperial Star Destroyer and Slave I, the personal starship of bounty hunter Boba Fett. TIE Fighter easykit pocket has

enabling customers to place orders directly from the website, check stock availability, delivery times and see details of any special offers that the firm is running.

approximately 21 parts. The Twin Ion Engine Fighter used by the Imperial Troops is one of the most frequently used starfighters and is seen quite often in the Star Wars films. The

construction of the TIE is relatively simple: the standard cockpit is connected by supports to the hexagonal solar-powered wings, which supply the fighter with energy and charge an auxiliary power cell.

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