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Autumn/winter will see the Gyro-Botz range extend to include a further six new characters with a ‘fright’ night theme, each of the characters have a translucent finish allowing kids to see the internal gyro in action. Gyro-Botz with Lights illuminate battles, when ripped, their eyes light up. There are six characters to collect. The Gyro-Botz Twin Pack with

Weapons includes two Gyro-Botz and four clip on weapons. The Deluxe Battle Arena comes complete with two exclusive Gyro-Botz characters, stickers and Gyro-pods. Launching before the December 14th theatrical release of the first film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the toy line will include mini collectable figures, basic action figures, adventure packs, beast packs, play-sets and collector figures.


Subbuteo, the iconic table football game, is back.

The new Subbuteo range features

improved detail, officially licensed Premier League teams and strong, flexible new players. There’s also an improved pitch surface so player pieces can glide more quickly. As well as being available in an extended range of colour strips, football fans can see some of their favourite teams on the pitch for the first time, thanks to a strong range of officially licensed Premier League Clubs. Teams include Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool and England, Scotland and Ireland national teams. Paul Lamond Games has also launched a large range of accessories including a referee set, replacement balls, goal set, fences and a pitch set with many more to come over the next two years.


Central to the new Monsuno collection is Monsuno Core – the collectable capsule has a spinning action and a Monsuno monster concealed within. On impact, the Core launches its Monsuno monster. Each Monsuno Core has collector numbering and a special game card. The Monsuno Wild Core is driven by motorised power for up to 20 minutes of continuous spin. Accessories include the Monsuno

Strike Launcher and the Monsuno Auto Strike Multi Launcher, along with a range of role-play items, including the Monsuno Stock Clip, Battle Bandolier and the Strike Glove. Each squidgy Trash Pack

character is sold in a trash bin, with play-sets expanding the play, including the spring/summer hero line, the

APRIL 2012 Fans can also re-enact Bilbo and

friends’ daring deeds with the role- play range including a Dwarven Battle Axe and a Deluxe Sting Sword featuring a blue glow. A wider range will be introduced for the second film. The Smasha-Ballz are invading this autumn/winter. The monsters make gross sounds upon impact. The more they are smashed the crazier they become. There are three characters – Ninjaaah; Marzian and Gooba.

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Autumn/winter sees the launch of the World of Warcraft construction line. The Faction Pack Assortment features articulated figurines. The Mount Assortment features figures with customisable armour sets and The Barren Lands Chase includes one Horde character and one Alliance character. Arthas and Sindragosa has an Arthas

figure equipped with Frostmourne sword and armour, frozen throne and poseable dragon. The Horde Siege Engine Attack is a battle scene including launchers, a minion and a Human Warlock figure. The Goblin Zepplin is a Horde flying ship. The Deathwing’s Stormwind Assault, includes the Stormwind Castle, Alliance leader and a Deathwing dragon. In Halo, new characters join Micro Action Figure Series 6, Armoury Packs and Combat Unit 8. New vehicles available. The new Halo Universe action die-cast line features Halo vehicles and characters.

BIGJIGS 01844 350033

The Need for Speed Build and Collect

Assortment consists of eight 1:55 scale cars including the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4. The Build and Customise Assortment includes five 1:38 scale cars and the new Lamborghini Reventon and Ford Shelby GT 500 Super Snake Need for Speed Edition. Also added is the Audi R8 Custom Pursuit Pack, a Custom Garage and Custom Rig. The Power Rangers Super Samurai line in Q4 has Micro Action Figures Series 3, Hero packs, Pocket Racers, 2-in-1 Zords, Claw Battlezord vs. Giant Mooger, Blue Ranger Showdown, Claw Armour Megazord and Samurai HQ Battle.

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Other top-selling boys’ games from include Chimp and Zee’s Pesky Pirates, Dodge the Dino and the Tyrannosaurus Rex board game, which features 17 different dinosaurs. Top selling boys licences include the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Board Game and card game and a full range of Scooby- Doo games and puzzles.

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Trashie Garbage Truck. Moving into autumn/winter, the Street Sweeper and the hero Scum Drum Play-set include ultra-rare Astro Trashies. 2012 will also see the launch of Huntik with minifigures, battling figures and role-play products in autumn/winter.

Morbs will continue to grow with new figures and play-sets, while Zibits will get new play-sets.

Golden Bear’s new boys’ brand, Go Mini, brings four ranges and 17 cars to collect. Go Mini Crew–zers have five styles to choose from and are the entry-level purchase, displayed in a CDU. There are six Go Mini Stunt Racers, each with two modes – race and stunt and each has a different trick. The Go Mini Freestylers have quirky features – Beats comes with a sound box while Bulldog has a Union Jack decoration and

a Bulldog with his head through the pop-up roof. My 1st JCB will see new vehicles for 2012 plus two multi-featured play-sets including the ‘On Site’ Charlie Crane set. Charlie Crane picks up barrels with his giant claw and drops them down the shoot. There’s also a giant turntable to help Joey JCB manoeuvre into position. The ‘On Site’ Rock Loader Set can be combined with Charlie Crane Play-set.

The City Road & Railway Set from Bigjigs Toys has accessories and interactive features. A new design on a classic boys toy, it comes as part of the Road & Rail Link range, with a fully operational roadway and train set making a mega-set of 108 pieces. The play-set is designed to improve

hand-eye co-ordination, vocabulary and problem solving skills.

With an increasing collection of

items available within the Road and Rail ranges, such as the Farm Yard Crossing, Signal Box and Clickety Clack Bridge, kids can expand their collection, creating unlimited play opportunities as their play scene develops. Look out for the Rural Road & Rail set and many more product launches from Bigjigs Toys in 2012.


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