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The Pintoy Ride on Digger is a full size construction vehicle for active play and features a working digger scoop and four rubber wheels. The Pintoy Tower Castle has a draw-bridge and portcullis. Alternatively, there is the Mobile

Crane. The yellow construction vehicle has a working crane hook and is part of the Pintoy construction series where it can be added to different vehicles. It joins the Digger, the Road Roller, the Dumper Truck, the Front End Loader and the Bulldozer.


Maps’ Aeromax range includes the Deluxe NASA Spaceman costume, a white spacesuit, a Talking NASA Space Helmet, an Astronaut Space Pack Super Soaking Water Blaster, a NASA Spaceship Ride-On, a Deluxe Firefighter costume, a Firepower Super Soaking Fire Hose with Backpack and an Aeromax 2000 Parachute.


Corgi’s latest range offers a series of die-cast model aircraft suitable for children aged three and over. There is a over 15 models including biplanes, fighters, bombers and modern jets. The Corgi Super Haulers range is for the same age group; the die-cast 1:64 scale toy trucks each have a detachable trailer and an authentic livery. The new My First Scalextric set is for the same age and features two cars. Products from Scalextric’s partnership with Star Wars include the Micro Scalextric Star Wars Death Star Attack and Scalextric Start Star Wars Battle of Endor sets.

Scalextric also offers rally action, with

BMW Mini WRC and a Ford Fiesta RS WRC model.


Tomy’s pre-school boys line, Chuggington, has new characters in die-cast and wood as well as vehicles, track expansions and play-sets. Key items include the Action Chugger Carry Case, and two A/W TV lines, Portable Double Decker Roundhouse and Ice Cave Set. In the wooden range products include Double Decker Roundhouse and Over & Under Starter Set. The Tomica range includes die-cast cars for the Hyper City Roads, battery- powered trains which run on Tomica’s iconic blue train tracks and large sets, like the Hyper City Rescue Fire Station. K’Nex Classics celebrates a milestone with the 20th Anniversary Classic 50 Model Building Set. The set features 50 beach-themed building ideas. New additions to the Thrill Rides line are the Super Cyclone rollercoaster and Double Shot Roller Coaster.

The Marshmallow Fun Company has

a range of blasters that fire edible bullets. The Classic Crossbow and Bow & Mallow can be loaded with marshmallows to fire up to 30 feet. The Classic Blaster is suitable for children aged 14 and up. The Energy Stick from the Be Amazing collection is also new for 2012.

01843 233500

Meccano unleashes its Gears of War 3 range in August 2012. The C.O.G Armadillo features three rotating gun turrets, a trap door, six wheels and a mobile front tread. The set comes with two figurines and three weapons. The 120-piece C.O.G Centaur Tank has a hood-mounted 360-degree rotating turret with a mobile cannon, four real- working large wheels and a mobile front tread. The set comes with four two-inch figurines and four weapons. The C.O.G King Raven is a

transportation and assault helicopter for the C.O.G army. The helicopter features rotating propellers, two mobile doors and retractable landing gear. It is equipped with a machine gun for air attacks. The COG

army set comes with six

Hornby has launched model variants of the Brighton Belle. Airfix starter sets contain four paints, glue and brush. The Supermarine Spitfire MkIa Starter Set has 36 parts and a scale of 1:72.

020 8722 7300

figurines, Anya Stroud, Damon Baird, Marcus Fenix, two locusts Sniper and a locust drone, and eight weapons. Building instructions, tools and stickers are included. All sets come with building instructions, stickers and tools.

BLADEZ The K’Nex Mario Kart Wii range

welcomes Donkey Kong’s Beach Challenge Building Set, Mario Kart Building Sets and Bike Building Sets. The Sonic Through Time three-inch action figures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow, Knuckles and Tails add to the existing Tomy Sonic range. Tomy’s Pokémon line continues with new eight-inch plush being added along with key chain plush.

The first SKU in the Star Wars Pump and Play inflatable range is R2-D2. A child-friendly handset controls R2-D2, allowing the droid to move forward, back, left, and right, perform stunts and spin 360-degrees. The package comes with a handset, R/C drive unit and inflatable shell, which is interchangeable with the entire Pump and Play range. The design features an inflatable durable body shell standing over 65cm in height. To assist with the inflation and deflation of the body, a foot pump is included. Further characters will follow – Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Yoda. Bladez has developed a new rotor

structure for its R/C helicopter range. The new design allows the G-Bladez Gyro helicopters to fly upside-down with a flick of a switch. The range also includes helicopters with video

cameras. The G-Bladez Gyro Winch helicopter can be flown in all directions using an RC electric winch attached to the bottom, which can carry up to 10g grams.

APRIL 2012 02392 658255 01844 278888 New to Meccano’s Turbo model

vehicles is an entry-level collection of racing vehicles for children aged seven and up. Simple single model packs, take to the track with a speedy go-kart, or accelerate through the bends on the racing motorbike. Also launching this year is Meccano’s

Turbo Evolution Red and Blue racing cars, each featuring ‘pull back and go’ racing technology. Race red versus blue for the ultimate grand prix experience. Fast and furious, Turbo Evolution models include streamlined stickers and tools and instructions for assembly. Suitable for children aged seven and up.

01604 774949

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