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For Ben 10, there are new product based on the current Ultimate Alien series, and top-performing SKUs from the original Ben 10 line are being re- introduced. All products are in refreshed packaging. Key lines include the 10cm figures and 15cm figures. The Omnitrix FX is back, along with Grandpa Max’s Alien Lab Play-set. The vehicle opens up into an alien lab where kids can create alien figures with reusable clay. The Ben 10: Omniverse range will launch in October. New figure assortments will be available, as well as 15cm figures which include sound. The figures link-up and work with the Omnitrix Touch. Rook’s Truck won Best New Toys in the Action Figures/Accessories category at Toy Fair this year. Rook is Ben’s mentor and it transforms from truck to alien ship. New for Ben 10 are Mini Play-sets and Ben’s Plumber Base Play-set. In July, the Power

Rangers Super Samurai toy range will ship, following the launch of the new series on Nickelodeon. Key assortments will be refreshed in 10cm and 16cm figures during spring/summer with TV advertising. Key items include action figures, Zord Vehicles, Megazords and role- play items including the Black Box Morpher, Power

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Ranger Masks, Samurai Spin Sword and Shogun Buckle. The ThunderCats range launched in December and entered at number ten in the Boys Action Category for January (NPD). The Thunder Tank and Deluxe Sword of Omens are proving to be strong along with other items in the range which will be TV advertised in 2012. New for autumn/winter is Lion-O’s Deluxe Claw Shield.

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Mattel has two out of the top five action figure properties for 2011 (NPD Data Total

Manufacturer December 2011). It’s most

definitely The Year Of The Bat. Building on 47 per cent growth in 2011, Mattel will unveil its biggest ever Batman portfolio with toys aimed at all ages. With the movie Batman: The Dark Knight Rises hitting cinema screens in July, Mattel’s movie-based toy line is aimed at older boys, while for boys aged four plus, there’s the Power Attack assortment of action figures, vehicles and accessories. Stand out item the Power Attack Batmobile is the largest ever Bat-vehicle for a six-inch figure which features transformations and firing projectiles. There will also be a raft of pre-school

toys including the super-size Imaginext Batcave, which drove double-digit growth across the Imaginext range in 2011. Mattel’s WWE range for 2012 includes the super-size WWE Brawlin’ Buddies plush characters which feature fighting sounds and signature phrases. Also new for autumn is the WWE High

Flying Fury play-set, which lets fans recreate the action of a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match as WWE FlexForce


Lego Ninjago continues to offer two distinct play patterns: play theme and spinners. 2012 showcases an extension of the ninja storyline. The Epic Dragon Battle has been highlighted as a Christmas must-have. Lego City themes and product launches include classic, expandable play themes like Forest Fire and Police; Mining; and a Great Vehicles concept. Lego Dino was a new play theme for

2011. From T-Rex to flying Pteranodons, the fantasy adventure range features seven sets including the Dino Defense HQ play-set. The Minifigures range will see three launches throughout 2012. Hero Factory now boasts more

characters and improved versions of models. Lego Star Wars highlights include the six new planets which include a planet, vehicle and minifigure; vehicles such as the Sith Fury-class Interceptor and models from the classic Star Wars films including the X-Wing Starfighter and TIE Fighter. The partnership between Lego and DC Comics and Marvel has seen the unveiling of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and The

APRIL 2012 01753 495 000 SPIN MASTER

Avengers lines. Lego Super Heroes is a new range of conflict play theme sets and buildable action figures offering characters and scenes from both the DC and Marvel super hero universe. Each of the sets contains unique minifigures and within each of the larger DC sets is a Lego comic book. Technic caters for older boys delivering

vehicles with authentic features and functions. 2012 sees the introduction of hero models like the 4x4 Crawler, Helicopter; low-priced items the Mini Tow Truck and mid-priced Quad Bike. Buildable versions of Cars characters continue. Cars themed construction sets are available in Lego and Lego Duplo.

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge, the fifth year of the boys action brand, introduces the first die-cast Bakugan and transforming action figures in the form of Mechtogan and Mechtogan Titans. Also new is the Launch Pod for adding

directional spin to refreshed Bakugan SkyRaiders. A new development in Marvel versus Bakugan (late spring), is a twin pack with Bakugan characters going into battle against Marvel figures. Autumn sees the addition of the disc firing Baku Blasters, transforming Battle Suits and the Dragonoid Destroyer. Redakai features Blast3D technology that brings characters to life like never before and innovative stackable game play showing the impact of each move. The Redakai product range includes a

Starter set for basic game play, booster packs containing additional X-Drive cards including rare and super rare, and a Dual pack for two player gaming. For more advanced gamers, the Structure Deck provides a tournament-ready deck of X-Drives, while the Championship set includes 44 X-Drive cards along with accessories including battlefield, card screen and Kairu energy counter. New in Tech Deck is the Long board series of performance board, available in May. Triple Street Set is a park with

multiple configurations that users can skate their way, new assortment of sk8parks and Tony Hawk Big Ramps. Spin Master will be adding a brand new sticky grip tape to core board SKUs from spring which helps fingers ‘stick’ to the board more easily.


Tony Hawk Grind Krew is a collection of three play-sets featuring a miniature motorised Tony Hawk. The Tony Hawk Grind Krew Battle Pack features two interacting Tony Hawk characters on motorised skateboards. X-Concepts Flick Trix Bikes and Bike Shop offer new and refreshed finger bikes bringing together licences like Haro, Hoffman Bikes, Mirraco, Mongoose, Fit, Diamondback and more. The miniature BMX bikes, realistically replicated with working parts can perform back flips, 360s and tail whips.


launch into the air flying through breakable ladders, tables and chairs. Plus there are new additions to the popular WWE Rumblers line with the WWE Rumblers Blastin’ Breakdown Ring. And, with lots planned to celebrate Disney/Pixar’s 25th anniversary in 2012, things look set to hot up for Toy Story. New content launching in the summer brings to life Rex the toy dinosaur and Mattel will launch a new item – the Roarin’ Rex 12-inch figure. Rex's personality comes to life with erratic arm movements and more than ten authentic Rex sounds. There’s also a new Buzz Lightyear action figure landing in autumn. Interactive Flight Control Buzz features motion sensors so it can detect if it’s on the ground or in the air. Plus it has a working laser, lights and sounds and says signature Buzz phrases.

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