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In pre-school, MV’s Thomas & Friends line sees the introduction of several new feature driven lines, such as the Whistle ‘n’ Ride Tri-scooter, which has sounds and integral lights activated by a whistle. In the Fireman Sam range, MV is introducing a battery powered Jupiter Ride-on. This fire engine has a siren and flashing lights. The introduction of brands

such as Mike the Knight, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and Rastamouse will provide support for the boys sector. Leading the pack in the

older boy line-up are Ben 10 and Star Wars. The Star Wars range features Darth Maul graphics and

0121 748 8000

products such as the light-up skateboard. In ThunderCats, MV brings the Sword of Omens Scooter, while the new Power Rangers Samurai series has resulted in strong interest with products like the Samurizer Scooter. MV is also rolling out a

range based on the Transformers Prime series, with new products such as the Transforming Scooter/Skateboard. MV also has a range of

The Avengers wheeled toys. Picking up on the stunting

craze, is MV’s Street Sports range ‘Stunted’. One to look out for is Stunt Scooter XT.

RUBIE’S 08433 070707

2012 is ‘The Year of the Superhero’ at Rubie’s as the dress-up company unveils its new boys Marvel costume range, featuring Spider-man and The Avengers. This sits alongside Rubie’s superhero boys’ portfolio that includes child Superman, Batman and Robin costumes, as well boys’ costumes for The Dark Knight Rises. Rubie’s Star Wars costumes have seen a surge in sales on the back of the release of Episode One - The

Phantom Menace in 3D in February. Rubie’s has introduced new Darth Maul costumes to its expansive Star Wars range and the costume is set to join Darth Vader and Clone


Click Distribution’s hero product lines include Panini’s London 2012 Olympics and UEFA Euro 2012 Football Championships trading card games, Adrenalyn XL and sticker collections for which Click is the exclusive distributor in the UK. Euro 2012 Adrenalyn

XL is the official TCG of Euro 2012, featuring all the Euro National Teams and 305 cards. Look out for rainbow cards and holographic cards, as well as exclusive limited edition cards. Panini’s Euro

2012 Sticker

Collection has 525 stickers to collect

APRIL 2012

Trooper Rex costumes in the boys’ dress-up popularity stakes. Boys’ action is further strengthened

by Rubie’s new Power Rangers Samurai range, which is supported by the latest Power Rangers Samurai programming currently on TV. The theme is set to expand with further line additions this year that will include Ben 10 classic and Ultimate Alien costumes, as well as new Lion-O and Tigra ThunderCats costumes, in the style of the newly re- launched Thundercats

cartoon series. The new additions will be available from July 2012.


Building on the success of the Halo game series, Re:creation has unveiled its Halo range of die-cast collectables, which includes detailed scale versions of the vehicles and characters. The Halo set will feature a number of ground and flying vehicles. Each comes with two figures. The line will also feature a unique large-scale collectors Warthog vehicle. Dinowaurs foil bags include a dinosaur figure, information cards and battle cards. Kids overlay the acetate battle cards and compare attributes such as stamina, aggression and defensive skills. There are 36 Dinowaurs to collect in Series 1. The collectable Ickee Stickeez continue their invasion throughout the UK. Ickee Stickeez are squishy, squeezy, sticky characters. There are 24 to collect


VTech started 2012 by entering into the Pre-school Vehicle market with the new VTech Switch & Go Dinos range. Targeted at boys aged three to eight, the new range merges dinosaurs and cars. The full 2012 range consists of seven collectable vehicles which easily change into different dinosaurs, as the Dinos get bigger in size the amount of stages to change increases. The Switch & Go Dinos have an

LCD screen with changing character faces and eyes. As they are pushed along and played with they play sound effects of cars and dinosaurs. The push buttons activate dinosaur facts which are reinforced by the educational flash cards included with each Dino.

01604 877888

including holographic rainbow stickers. Included are stats, bios, match schedules and special stickers. Click Distribution is the exclusive distributor for the London 2012 Adrenalyn XL Trading Card Game from Panini. The cards feature strength and speed ratings for immediate game play along with additional medal elements in order for children to play the board game.

Click is also the exclusive distributor for the London 2012 Sticker Collection from Panini. The collection will feature Team GB, International and Paralympic athletes.


The Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Set is a transportable environment that enables a customisable design and layout within a Hexbug Nano Habitat Set. The Hive Habitat Set features an integrated centre ramp for multi-level Nano interaction and a floor spotted with attachment points that kids can build from. Each attachment point can be filled with a variety of new playground accessories including pegs, which act as bump points for the Hexbug, rotatable flags, which direct it toward ramps or other obstacles including merry- go-rounds and a seesaw. The Hexbug Scarab is a high-speed, mechanical, beetle-like bug that skitters around on six angled legs. The micro robotic creature propels itself forwards and backwards, and is capable of

0118 973 6222

in single and three pack foil bags and six and 12 blister packs. Finger Whips are flexible mini scooters. Using its knowledge of scooters from the Razor brand, Re:creation brought the mini scooters to life. A new Finger Whips range will launch this autumn with added features.

01235 555545

Span the Spinosaurus has his own mini dino and transporter cage as well as wings that fire out supply disks as it flies.

The largest of VTech’s Switch & Go Dinos is Broc the Brachiosaurus. Broc has an amazing motorised neck which moves up and down. As a car carrier children can use Broc to carry the mini race car included, or the smaller Switch & Go Dinos. The T-Rex, Pterandon, Spegosaurs and Triceratops are being TV advertised in February, April and May. In August– September all seven of the Dinos will be on TV including the

Ankylosaurus, Spinosaurus and Brachiosaurus. 01925 454093

popping from its back to its feet if placed upside down. The Hexbug Larva is a robotic bug that slithers forward on smooth surfaces using a slow flexing motion. The Larva change direction when sensing an object.

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