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Chip Brite
Every once in a while, we see something completely new; this year’s
G2E will see the unveiling of Chip Brite, a device which cleans large
quantities of chips quickly and easily. Casino International spoke to
the device’s creator, Ken Magrini, about his invention.
en Magrini, President of Specific
Below: The dimpled surface on most chips. This is
similar to the pattern found on golf balls. Most
Solutions, has a background in electronic
abrasion cleaning methods have difficulty removing
ceramics, with training as a materials
dirt and grime from these pores.
scientist; since the early 1970s he’s been
involved in producing and supplying
materials to companies that make electronic
components, specifically capacitors, resistors, and
Ken explains to CI how Chip Brite developed, what
it is and how it works…
Casino International: How did you come to be
even thinking about the Chip Brite, bearing in
mind the field you usually work in?
Ken Magrini: One of my hobbies, besides golf, is
playing poker and in the late 1990s poker became cleaning solution.
very popular with the broadcast of poker games and I went and I demonstrated this at a local casino in
showing the whole cards. It took off as an activity but Oceanside, California called Ocean’s Eleven. Bob
I’ve been involved in and played in many poker clubs Moyer is the President and he was gracious enough
around the world for many years and have always to allow me to come in and I gave him a quick
been shocked at the lack of cleanliness of the chips. demonstration and he said, “Well that’s pretty good.
Going back ten years ago, asking why are these so We’re due to clean our chips in about two weeks, can
dirty? Well they really had no good method for you come down and lets see how many you can clean
On Oceans Eleven's chips there is a
recessed area. This area collects finger
cleaning them. Recently I was at a casino, an Indian in a day.” I went down with the equipment and we
oils and other debris. After about 30
casino, in California, and I asked a member of staff had all of his chips, anything from $1 chips to $500
seconds in the Chip Brite ultrasonic
“How do you clean these?” He said “We do it by chips. We cleaned them and they were brilliantly
bath, this dirt jumps off the chip. hand.” I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me, there are cleaned, he was really shocked at how they came out.
better methods out there. Have you investigated The chips went out onto the floor and I play cards
cleaning with ultrasonics?” And he said no, I said too, so I was out there playing cards and as the clean
“Mind if I introduce you to it?” And from that casino chips were being substituted for the dirty chips the
I brought home about $500’s worth of $1 chips. My players all commented, the dealers all commented,
first action was to align myself with a global because their hands weren’t getting dirty and they
ultrasonic bath manufacturer, someone who could said “How did this happen?” One of the guys said,
respond on global requirements in an instant. So I “This guy has a cleaning machine,” and I was treated
aligned myself with such a company and got an like a rock star for a while because they were all so
exclusive with them, and began experimenting with happy with how the chips came out clean.
the chips I’d brought home. I quickly learned that But then there was a problem associated with that;
the ultrasonics does a wonderful job cleaning but it the chips were clean but they were also very slippery.
has to be coupled with the right cleaning solution. There were complaints about the lack of surface
My first efforts of using dish soap and whatnot were a tension or lack of the coefficient of friction
tragedy in that I filled the room with soap suds. You associated with chip-to-chip contact and I had to do
can’t use any normal cleaner, you have to use a something about that. I came up with an additive I
specific surfactant that doesn’t bubble and foam. So I called Luster, and it’s added to the rinse.
had to come up with that and, with a combination of What we wanted to do is obviously have clean
defoamers and whatnot, I was able to come up with a chips that don’t slide and handle properly. So the
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