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JCM unveils iVIZION validator
and Sentry 2.0 bezel at G2E
Booth 2643 is the place to see JCM’s exciting new products…
t G2E 2009, JCM Global will be unveiling bezels say, often in a sticker or in a series of chasing
two revolutionary new products in booth lights. Bezels also communicate with floor personnel
number 2643: the iVIZION bill validator with LED graphic indicators.
and the Sentry 2.0 bezel. The Sentry 2.0 bezel brings that interactivity to a
iVIZION changes the way the gaming industry sees new level utilizing high resolution, high contrast, two
bill validators. It is the foundation of intelligent color LCD. The player-friendly interactive massaging
validation and sees better, thinks smarter and runs is noticeable immediately, and, because it is
faster than any validator in the industry. It improves controlled by the bill acceptor, absolutely no changes
productivity at the operator level and enhances the to the game software are necessary.
consumer experience, and thereby increases casino The bezel is customizable and easily
profitability. programmable so an operator can display a
The validation and denomination process is wide range of messages – such as the
powered by Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology property logo or a good luck message
that scans 43 times more raw data points and – all in bright, fully functional color
captures the full image of a note or a ticket. It LCD graphics. When the bezel is in
optically centers notes and eliminates the need for attract mode, it operates at full light
mechanical centering, dramatically improving note- intensity; when a player begins to
to-note-processing speed. Additionally, it sees play, the bezel automatically dims to
threading (“fishing”) attempts better than any create a more comfortable gaming
validator, and tears threads to shreds with JCM’s experience.
proprietary jaws-like optical mechanical anti- It accepts notes and tickets up
threading technology. to 85mm wide, and incorporates
iVIZION runs faster with a powerful processor multi-currency and multi-
solely dedicated to algorithm evaluation. The result is language support. The original
a 99+ percent acceptance rate and the fastest note- release will support English,
to-note processing speed. It is self-calibrating, French, Spanish and Simple
accepts notes up to 85mm wide and has a sealed bill Chinese, which can be displayed
path with dirt and liquid resistant design, resulting in one at a time or in concert such
less service-related down time. and English/Spanish or
Backed by 20 years of JCM Global currency English/French.
software development, iVIZION thinks smarter than Using the new IR secure JCM
any other validator and is 100% compatible with all keyfob, Sentry 2.0 also helps to
gaming platforms and protocols. It is equipped with quickly settle customer disputes.
an RFID Intelligent Cash Box (ICB) linking the box to Attendant messages are clearly
the asset and revenue data better than ever, and the displayed at the push of a button.
ICB gives extensive, detailed reporting to slot Events such as the last bill in are
management. Its direct asset/box link increases shown on the display. Key items
productivity of the entire drop process, both on the such as the denomination, the
floor and in the count room. direction of insertion (face up or down), and the
iVIZION is “future-proof” in design and can be elapsed time since the last note was inserted are
easily tailored to meet each individual operator’s shown on the LCD for both player and attendant
unique needs and wants. As operators contemplate review.
the emerging networked/server-based gaming JCM will also be showing its award-winning UBA
platforms iVIZION has been designed to take full and its award-winning Intelligent Cash Box (ICB),
advantage of the operational efficiencies that will be currently installed on more than 58,000 gaming
available, meaning that it enhances productivity devices. The cost-conscious Vega bill validator will
today, and tomorrow. also be shown, alongside of the world’s best printer
Next, is the incredible new Sentry 2.0, the next products from JCM’s partner, TransAct Technologies.
generation bill validator bezel. Bezels are one of the Together, the alliance of JCM Global and TransAct
most frequently used ways consumers interact Technologies give operators the “jackpot” in choice
directly with a casino. “Insert Bills or Tickets” the for peripheral devices.
36 NOVEMBER 2009
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