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Shuffle Master’s i-Table leaps
forward, plus new Poker variant
Huge promise for Shuffle Master i-Table set to be realised
n the Shuffle Master stand, visitors receive a Full House or higher. Mississippi there is occasional bluffing and slow-playing.
will be able to enjoy the company’s Stud, the second new Table Master title, allows Another new game is On The Draw, where
latest i-Table innovation: a single- players to put it all on the line by betting up to players receive seven cards to make their best
deck i-Table that offers games like 10 units on a single hand. Both games are five-card poker hand. The game also features
Three Card Poker and Ultimate popular live game offerings in many North an optional “Cincy Pot” which lets players
Texas Hold’em. By combining automated American casinos. compete against each other for an
betting made possible through individual One of Shuffle Master’s great stengths is the accumulating community pot. A player wins
touchscreen player positions with the i-Deal, Proprietary Table Games line up, where they the Cincy Pot if he, among pot participants,
Shuffle Master’s latest single deck specialty are featuring several new titles including has the highest hand and it’s at least a flush.
shuffler that includes card recognition, the i- Dealer Bluff Six Card Poker, an exciting new If no one has a flush or higher, the pot
Table specialty game version provides casinos game that features head-to-head play against accumulates. More so than any other poker-
with the ability to switch between popular the dealer and an optional bonus bet. Dealer style game, On the Draw rewards risk-taking.
proprietary table games quickly and easily. Bluff is our first table game to incorporate the To maximize their chances of winning, players
Additionally, because all wagering and bet card-reading capabilities of our i-Deal shuffler frequently commit to their hand before it is a
resolution is entirely electronic, the i-Table into the rules of play, and it also features an guaranteed winner.
ensures pays and takes are 100% accurate. interesting twist on typical game play: the Finally, visitors will be able to see several of
Two new titles on our Table Master fully- dealer “bets” first. When the dealer pulls his Shuffle Master’s electronic gaming machine
electronic table game platform will also be on hand from the shuffler, the machine reads it (video slot) titles designed specifically for
show. The first, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, and makes a bet based on the strength of that certain markets including Latin America.
considers the best hand possible among a hand. If the dealer’s hand is weak, he bets a Included in our EGM line-up will be our
player’s seven cards and includes a progressive small amount, but if his hand is good, he bets popular Grand Central progressive link as well
jackpot option that rewards players who a larger amount. And, as the name suggests, as several stand-alone progressive titles.
Suzo Happ brings array of
solutions for operators
3M DI-NOC and a range of toppers will be promoted alongside Cabinet
Works facility
uzo Happ is bringing a wide range integration of many peripherals distributed by
of solutions for operators to its Suzo Happ.
stand at G2E, including 3M DI- Catching the eye on the Suzo stand will no
NOC film so slots can be re-covered doubt be their topper solutions, which includes
and their look updated without the Towerlight Topper, the Ellipse Topper and
being taken off the casino floor. the RGB Pill Topper. The Towerlight is designed
3M DI-NOC is a high-quality, lightweight, to be mounted on top of any standard classic
self-adhesive, vinyl film laminate, an 8.3mm- tower light and is great for advertising special
thick PVC covering that is stain-resistant and machine features such as Multi-Denomination,
non-flammable. Unlike traditional lamination, Ticket-In Ticket-Out, Hot New Game and more.
DI-NOC can be applied on the casino floor; The translucent bezel with 20 ultra bright
plus, there are over 600 patterns and finishes Nichia multi-colour RGB LEDs provide a really
to choose from. Even locks, speakers and other sparkling light show to attract customers.
external accoutrements don’t have to be The Ellipse features a 15” LCD monitor and
removed; a machine can be up and running average of 50,000 gaming machine cabinets, media controller board so you can display your
again in just 40 minutes. stands and related products every year. A own MPEG video or JPEG pictures, and the 32
Also at G2E, Suzo Happ will be promoting turnkey operations facility in Las Vegas enables white LEDs around the bezel (with various
Cabinet Works, their metal fabrication and the company to provide complete working modes) means this one is impossible
assembly solution. Cabinet Works produces an manufacturing and service, as well as offering for customers to ignore!
46 NOVEMBER 2009
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