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Atronic and Spielo unite on G2E
booth 1284
Witness performance and innovation in action when you visit ATRONIC and
SPIELO at G2E Las Vegas
isitors to booth 1284 will platform, which can handle fully
experience the value of downloadable content and is server-
player-tested cabinets; assisted gaming ready.
exciting linked, Available on the prodiGi Vu
progressive, and terminal, the Jewelly Bonus Feature
community games and multi- Game is the first of its kind in North
functional controllers; proven America to add a multi-level stand-
licensed and stand-alone core game alone progressive to a multi-game
titles; and scalable, flexible systems lineup. To make Jewelly appear,
solutions. players wager on all pay-lines and
ATRONIC is now adding a fourth also bet on an extra 5 credits times
title to its new multi-bonus the current line bet during
progressive link, STARGATE SG-1, standard game play. Because
which is based on the popular film Jewelly bonuses are activated by a
and TV series. Each STARGATE SG- side wager, the base games keep
1 title offers five distinct bonuses their bonus games intact. Any player
and four progressive levels. TEAL’C is a can switch from game to game on the same terminal
new 5-reel game where players activate the and still have access to the progressives.
STARGATE bonus by wagering max lines plus a 10- Visitors will also get their first glimpse of the
credit Bonus Bet. Already installed in numerous GAMEBOSS, a linked gaming controller that
locations throughout Europe, Africa, and Latin connects multiple prodiGi Vu slot machines, enabling
America, STARGATE SG-1 has proven an immediate on-the-fly, on-demand switching between multiple
top performer, generating excitement with players progressives, tournaments, or community games. For
and operators alike. STARGATE SG-1 will soon make example, operators can switch between a tournament
its debut in North America as a 25-line, 5-reel game with 40 games spread out over four banks including
with an additional forced bonus bet and a variety of an overhead screen, to a 15-game progressive with
exciting bonuses. corresponding overhead display, to a 10-game linked
The THREE STOOGES game incorporates the community title - with just a few clicks of a mouse.
slapstick hi-jinks of Larry, Curly, and Moe and GAMEBOSS can transform banks of prodiGi Vu
transports players back in time with a variety of black- cabinets into Bingo Factory, the only bingo-based
and-white THREE STOOGES video clips. Three levels community casino game on the North American
of progressives are tied to each Stooge and market! It’s a five-reel, 50-payline game that allows
simultaneous, multi-tiered bonus rounds add to the qualified players to compete together, and features a
player excitement. Latin American customers will two-level progressive as part of the bonus. 
recognize the Los TRES CHIFLADOS game from the To round out this year’s showcase, ATRONIC and
popular Spanish-language version of The THREE SPIELO are also highlighting a number of proven
STOOGES. core games that have passed extensive market
ATRONIC’s Passion SLOTS cabinet stands at an validation tests and are top performers in many
impressive 8 feet tall and features a 4th LCD display jurisdictions. Many of those games include special
reel with multiplier symbols and bonus game triggers. features such as Wild Stays Until It Pays. When this
Available in North America, Return of the SPHINX is feature is activated, all Wilds stay on the screen until
a high value 3-reel stepper with a 3-level progressive they become part of a winning combination.
and non-linear paytable that rewards high-bet players On the systems side, ATRONIC professionals will be
and features the unique “buy-a-feature” option. on hand to present the entire range of ATRONIC´s
Visitors to the show will see the value and design of comprehensive systems solutions, including
the prodiGi Vu cabinet, which has already, the new evolution of casino
successfully launched in a number of North management floor networks, maximising revenues
American territories. With its colorful high-resolution and streamlining casino operations.
graphics, crisp, digital multi-channel sound, LCD Experience the excitement and value in person –
button panel, and player-friendly ergonomics, the visit ATRONIC and SPIELO at Booth #1284 at G2E
prodiGi Vu comes fully equipped with the sensys 2009.
52 NOVEMBER 2009
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