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”It is with great pride and
Organic Card Blackjack - the first
Organic Card Blackjack
enthusiasm that we introduce
electromechanical gaming device enabling the first fully automated
genuine game experience with real cards gaming machine for Blackjack,
No dealer is required, the machine itself which operates with real cards.
shuffles and deals real cards where real After careful and thorough
Blackjack rules apply, offering players a one of examination of the market,
a kind gaming experience. The machine can consideration of the opinions
have six or seven play stations. Games of the players throughout the
continue without players waiting for cards to world and a long course of
be shuffled – eight full card decks are being research and development, we
shuffled while the first hands are being played. have developed a unique and
The Organic Card Blackjack was awarded ‘Top revolutionary gaming machine
International Gaming Product’ by the panel of which provides benefits that
judges of International Gaming and Wagering surpass traditional Blackjack,
Business (IGWB). both for players and the
operators,” said Mr. Ales
Zupancic, Head of R&D.
Operators will be thrilled
Display (PID) can be installed to any roulette or dice with its low operating cost, rapid speed of dealing cards,
gaming device. The PID offers players a thorough overview highly integrated fraud-proof security and the real
of statistical information about the game currently in mathematical randomness of the shuffling mechanism. At the
progress and a live video of the roulette wheel. PID is same time, players will enjoy seeing real cards dealt to them
available in either standalone or a wall-mounted version. from the deck, excluding the possibility of any kind of
Video gaming product Videostar 6 has six player stations manipulation by either a player or an operator.
and two LCD screens. Two screens give casinos the flexibility “During the development of the gaming machine, we kept in
of offering either one game or two different games on the mind that the mechanical structure for shuffling and dealing
one machine. Games currently available are Roulette, can be used in variety of card games besides Blackjack. By
Blackjack, and Baccarat. changing the software, the gaming machine can conduct other
The most commonly chosen game is video roulette, which games and thus bring an additional advantage for the operator,”
is a substitute product to the successful Interblock added Zupancic.
electromechanical roulette. It is used in markets where the Strong emphasis has been placed on the thorough testing of our
electromechanical generator is prohibited but a RNG gaming machines, which first underwent an extensive 18-month
(Random Number Generator) is allowed. Video roulette testing program in our research laboratory to ensure the highest
delivers 100% RNG results and the RTP (Return to Player) level of stability and safety. Upon successful completion, the
cannot be set. machines were awarded certificates of the official gaming institutes
For the very first time in the Las Vegas G2E trade show, for quality and compliance (GLI, SIQ and AO+), ensuring the
Interblock will present its newest and most innovative products meet the strict standards set by the gaming industry.
gaming machines: electromechanical Blackjack and Keno The extensive range of Interblock gaming machines are set to
which are destined to reinvigorate the MTGM market as we play a prominent role within the gaming industry, especially in
know it today. venues where live tables are not allowed.
Organic Bubble Keno – fully automated Keno offering up to 70 games per hour
The core of the Organic Bubble gaming machine is the electro-mechanical center unit,
which draws the numbers using white and pink-colored balls. The round table in the
center unit contains 80 holes in two concentric circles, representing numbers from 1 to
80 that can be drawn in a Keno game.
When the game starts, the white and pink balls are continuously blown onto the table
from the bottom of the gaming machine, through the opening on the center of the table.
Pink balls are slightly larger than white balls, causing them to be caught by the pockets on
the table, while the white balls slip through. The table rotates during the blowing process
to ensure a random distribution of the winning numbers and to prevent any predictability
of the outcome. Once all 20 yellow balls have landed in the pockets, the result is detected
using optical sensors.
“Automation of the ever popular Keno offers a fast way of conducting the game, which
benefits both players and operators. The draw of 20 winning numbers from the poll of 80
is done in approximately one minute, while the players can observe the draw as the pink-
colored balls land in number pockets, assuring them high confidence in the fairness of
the game,” explained Mr. Zupancic.
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