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Events vie for attendees’ attention
Sheraton casino
as London gaming expo nears
PR’s biggest
The largest casino in Puerto Rico
has opened in Sheraton’s newest
iaries are fast filling up for delegates to IGE, the Optimal Payments. property. The 20,000-square-foot
International Gaming Expo which runs 26-28 facility at the Sheraton Puerto Rico
January at Earls Court in London, and the The awards programme, distinct from the trade shows Convention Center Hotel, based
International Gaming Awards held on the eve of the show. that come over the following days, is managed by Empire around a circular bar and
Casino Recruitment subsidiary Clever Duck Media. entertainment area, is a 24-hour
IGE organiser Clarion Gaming – which also produces operation with 16 table games and
the ATEI, ICEi and Betting Show events running Meanwhile, future IGE events are likely to see a 448 slots including multi-
simultaneously – will next year launch a new party for stronger-than-ever Hispanic presence thanks to a tie-up denominational units.
IGE attendees at the Orchid nightclub. between Clarion and Grupo Interazar de Inversiones, The hotel is near the airport as
organiser of the FER-Interazar expo in Madrid. well as Old San Juan and the
fashionable Condado district.
An alliance between the two show organisers will lead
to collaboration on marketing each other’s events,
Hem upgrades
including ATEI, ICEi, The Betting Show, and the
Andalusian Gaming Trade Fair in Malaga, as well as IGE
to Bingo 2.2
and FER-Interazar.
as Gtech plans
In London, there will be a special reception at IGE for
The 26 January event, dubbed Infusion, will feature the Spanish gaming and amusement industry.
liquidity boost
live music and performance artists as well as DJs.
Clarion Managing Director Julian Graves said:
Clarion’s Charlotte Skinner said: “Networking is an “More than 11,000 Spaniards have attended the S
weden’s online operator Hem
Bingo has become the first to
upgrade to the Bingo 2.2
extremely important feature of IGE week, which is London show since 1995, averaging nearly 900 at system from Gtech’s G2 division.
why we aim to create an unforgettable experience in each of the last five editions. Iberian operators will
one of the world’s top entertainment meccas.” clearly always look to their own show as their first The software supports multiple
Clarion is offering sponsorship and hospitality port of call, but what we can deliver in London is a currencies, linked games, and a set
packages. fresh perspective on an even wider range of gaming of multi-lingual mini-games shown in
disciplines taking their inspiration from different the main bingo window. These include
The previous evening, guests at the International international market players. progressive slots, table games, video
Gaming Awards will hear Harrah’s Interactive poker and scratch-cards.
Entertainment CEO Mitch Garber speak on the future “This is particularly pertinent given recent
of online gaming. Garber, who in an earlier part of his developments in Spain’s betting, street and remote Atul Bali, President of Gtech G2,
career opened the first gaming-law practice in gaming sectors – all of which have strong said that the development of Bingo
Canada, was previously CEO at both Partygaming and representations at IGE.” 2.2 drew on the resources of Boss
Media and St. Minver, both of which
Operators rush for poker licences
were acquired by Gtech in 2008 to
build its interactive business.
as France opens up online gaming
The software will continue to be
updated each quarter, while Gtech is
also looking to bring together users
he law passed mid-October that will open up However, many fewer appear likely to challenge the into a single, more liquid network.
French online betting to the private sector is current monopoly of PMU by applying for licences to
expected to grow the market by nearly 500 offer online betting on horse races.The researchers “In early 2010, we plan to merge
percent. The new legislation, which should take effect in speculate that sports betting and poker, being less well- Boss Media’s bingo partners with
the summer of 2010, for the first time will allow established in France, offer greater potential for growth. St. Minver’s International Bingo
companies other than two state-owned operators to run Network to create one large
online poker as well as sports and racing betting. And The online market, currently worth about 300m Euro combined network using G2 Bingo
more than three quarters of the operators surveyed in a annually in terms of gross revenue, is seen growing by software and operated from our
study by consultants MECN and law firm Ulys are hoping nearly 500% to 1.7bn Euro as consumer betting Bingo hub in Gibraltar,” said Alison
to obtain a French poker licence. increases from around 1bn Euro to 18bn Euro. Gross Digges, Group Head of Bingo for
revenue is defined as total bets less prizes. Gtech G2.
“The French market will give the global online
gambling market a new push and develop into one of By both measures – total bets, and gross revenue – “Pooling the liquidity of over 80
the key markets worldwide with online poker paving the that would give online roughly a 20 percent share of the bingo partners will make the Gtech
way,” said MECN director Martin Oelbermann. total licensed gambling market in France, based on G2 Bingo network one of the leading
2008 figures. networks in 2010,” she added.
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