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Should we be more environmentally aware?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard of a tackle shop being targeted by saboteurs. I thought those days were long gone. But then I suppose I should have expected it what with a rise in activists these days.


really hope that this is an isolated incident and not something that we will see more of. With so much CCTV these days it will be hard for the perpetrators to escape. There may be less bobbies on the beat, but the eye in the sky sees all… fingers crossed these people will be caught. It will be very interesting to see the police reaction if they target a gun shop…

Environmental issues

I make no apology for the volume of environmental stories in this issue. It’s a subject that’s certainly in the media spotlight at the moment – and I don’t just mean single-use plastics. Without going all tree hugger on you all, we really do need to start looking after this planet and NOW. This magazine covers two very

different trades. The shooting trade and angling trade are both similar and distinctly different at the same time. They share similar distribution models and they are both conducted

in the Great Outdoors. There is a big crossover. Yet the customer base is quite different. By and large, shooters and anglers are fairly environmentally conscious and I think a lot of this problem is at the retail and marketing side of things. Let’s hope the packaging industries move quickly (and I think they will) and we can all start leaving a slightly smaller footprint on the world we live in.


Steve Collett makes some good points in his article this month. Social media is all encompassing and powerful these days, yet no one appears to have conquered it from a marketing standpoint. Steve’s words are continuing to echo: If we don’t create demand, it will be sold on price. If it’s sold on price… Heck! Let’s create some demand and fast!

Alliance Rumours are rife of a new tackle dealer alliance being formed. The fact is I’m privy to a little more information than is in print in this magazine. My hands are tied as to exactly what I can say, but if this all goes ahead as I think it will, we are in for some interesting times. Tackle dealers are fed up of being lied to re pricing and are prepared to do something about it. Some of the brands out there could be facing some BIG decisions in the not too distant future. Sell to the big box multiples on a lesser margin… or sell to a group and make a healthy margin. But you’re not going to be selling to both! Let’s see how this one pans out!

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