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due to the fact that I wasn’t ‘sponsored’ so my musings may have had a bit of gravitas. I watched one the other day and contemplated sandpapering out my own eyes.

the marketing budget. Does it drive the consumer your way? Remember the thousands of DVDs we used to get free? I still have hundreds of them, and looking at the shelves I still

You see, in my experience, men do not like other men. They do not like being told by other men that they are inferior and should buy this because so and so said so and it will catch you more fi sh, it just doesn’t happen.

I can tell you what next

year’s promo vids will be like. Cue guitar music, a picture of a swan, a robin, some water, some more water, this time with the camera panning, then a bloke saying “Hi! I’m Billy Blanco. Today we are at the wonderful fishy lakes and I’m going to show you how to catch F1 carp.” This is where the

marketing budget is going, well the new version of

have a lot of the product they were showcasing! The lack of proper marketing will have a real effect this winter. The shopkeeper will roll up his sleeves and tell the agent: “I’ve got to get rid of this load of crap you sold me first before ordering anything else.” The manufacturer has a duty almost, to market his product, to get the consumer to take it off the shopkeeper’s

hands. Sadly, that’s all gone out the window these days. We don’t want to see some trumpet sat on an estate lake banging on about pin prick bubbles and Lilly pads, a picture of a duck, and a swan. We want to see you sell it, court the consumer, and tell him where to get it. If we don’t create a demand, it will be sold on price. If it’s sold on price, we don’t need reps, we don’t need agents, we just need a cheaper price than him up the road, and we all know where this will end up.

Are your suppliers doing enough to help you? Do they drive customers through your doors? We’d love to hear your views on this subject, whether you agree or disagree. What do you think the brands should do differently to help you?

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I know, we’ll make another video!

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