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Aeoonopens new Austrian showroom virtually C

ustomers and dealers were shown around Aeoon’s new 7,400sq ft showroom situated within view of The Alps in Austria via a live video stream on Monday, May 4 and Tuesday, May 5. Florian Freilinger, territory sales executive, had the honour of presenting the tour. He explained that COVID-19 was the reason why Aeoon had chosen to open the showroom with a virtual tour.

He said: “In our brand new showroom here in Austria, our goal is to give you an overview of our range of products as well as to encourage you to book one-to-one sessions in an interactive environment.” Viewers were then introduced to Angelo Schiestl, founder of Aeoon, who explained the reasons for the company’s success and what he believes to be the future of the industry. “The future is online business. Not everyone likes to wear the same shirt and we give people the opportunity to personalise products,” he said.

Next up was Denise Grimm, head of international sales and COO, who showed viewers around the showroom. She introduced viewers to a whole variety of machinery from the PTB Series pre-treatment machine to the Kyo Hybrid, with brief demonstrations of each machine given. Viewers were also given exciting demonstrations of Aeoon's newest machines; the new smaller Compact Micro and the Kyo Link. The Compact Micro is the smallest machine in Aeoon’s range, measuring 200x170x150cm. It was first shown to the public at Impressions Expo in Long Beach in January to great reception. It is available in a six-head and an eight-head configuration. It was created with the aim of being an industrial digital printing

Roland Academy expands online with fresh weekly content


ince the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, workshops and hands-on courses at the Roland Academy have been put on hold.

But now the Roland

Academy team have taken the opportunity to focus exclusively on producing content to support Roland’s We Are Here campaign.

Joe Wigzell, academy manager for Roland DG, said: “Training is one of those things that we like to put off until we have more time, and now that most of us are stuck at home, it’s the perfect time to build your skills and knowledge. "We already provide loads of webinars and online support videos, but it’s something we’ve always wanted to focus more on, this has been a great chance to build a structured programme of handy, useful and hopefully engaging content.” Topics for the coming weeks include

Time Saving Tips, Bitmaps & Vectors, Improving your Business, Personalisation and Setting up Your Workshop. The content will be delivered on a regular basis in the following formats: ● Five in Five

Even though you have more spare time, | 8 | June 2020

you might not want to spend it all learning how to do your job more effectively. Every Tuesday, Roland will publish a short video featuring five tips in five minutes or less, giving you a short blast of essential information. ●Webinars

Despite having no access to Roland DG equipment,

Roland Academy’s popular webinar series will continue, albeit from the homes of Joe and his second-in-command, Ollie Bishop. To get around the unavailability of a printer, they have updated the webinar schedule to include more theory-based content, design tips and software walkthroughs. ● Roland Elevenses

At 11am, every Friday morning, you can join the Academy team in a Facebook Live broadcast. “It’s the end of the week and everybody is starting to wind down, so these are pretty informal little chats,” said Joe. “We talk about everything from application advice to marketing tips, but we’ve also had some great recommendations for Netflix series to watch!” Following each live event, the recording is made available for anyone to rewatch or catch up at later date.

Denise Grimm, head of international sales and COO, introduces the Compact Micro

machine that can fit in almost every production facility. Introduced at ITMA in Barcelona in June last year, the new Kyo Link connects complex front-end interfaces with back-end processes to offer a seamless connectivity. The only machine from Aeoon’s range not yet on display in the new showroom is the Flatbed Series. With this machine users can print on a number of substrates, including wood, glass and polyester.

Florian ended the tour by saying: “We are a customised machine manufacturer. We are flexible to the needs of our customers and we are flexible to a rapidly changing industry. We do what we do best, developing and manufacturing high- end industrial machines with automation solutions. We do this out of passion.”

● If you would like to book a one-to-one tour around the showroom email

Branded Clothing UK joins eTrader Websites


randed Clothing UK, a new online store, has become the latest print and embroidery business to sign up for an eTrader Website.

With shopping moving online in light of recent events, the demands for garment decorators to have an e-commerce website has grown rapidly. Produced specifically for the industry, Branded Clothing UK will become the latest to utilise modern design and an easy to order shopping process.

Branded Clothing UK is a new venture sent up by Norton Printwear, Embroidery & Signage who have over 20 years’ experience in the branding industry. The move to set up a new online store is part of the businesses next stage of growth focusing on their offering for businesses, schools, and clubs.

The new online store is due for launch this month and will provide Branded Clothing UK with an exciting dynamic website to compete and thrive in the online marketplace using the leading website solution for the print and embroidery industry.

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