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Mantis World reaches its pledge to transition from conventional to organic cotton two years early


n 2017, Mantis World pledged to switch to sustainable fibres by 2021 and now the company has confirmed that all the cotton used in the production of each garment has been sustainable and organic since 2019. Mantis World became the first adopter of organic cotton in the promotional industry in 2005. The company is also one of the first to introduce recycled polyester to its fleece collections and almost all of its polyester is now recycled. Mantis World believes in using organic cotton because organic farming can help reverse climate change by locking carbon in the soil. It also avoids fertilisers and pesticides heavily reliant on fossil fuels that are used in conventional agriculture which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and protects environment and wildlife. This also means the people growing organic cotton can avoid the toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton agriculture. All Mantis World garments are now PETA approved as vegan and the company has recently joined the Fair Wear Foundation. It’s important to note while certifications are important, they are not the be all and end all. Mantis World continues to only work with trusted supply chains, whom the company has built long-term relationships with, ensuring that Mantis World does not only rely on certificates and third-party audits. Mantis World manufactures high quality, blank apparel that is designed with decoration and personalisation in mind. Whether

SGIA and PIA merge in America O

n May 1, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association and Printing Industries of America merged to become the largest, most comprehensive printing and graphic arts association in America. SGIA and PIA are together committed to serving the graphic arts community with preeminent research, education, training, events, legislative support, government affairs, health and safety, and other key industry services. SGIA primarily serves the graphics, industrial and apparel decorator segments; and PIA primarily serves the commercial printing segment. Together, members will have access to services across many channels.

The new association name will be announced in the coming weeks, as will the combined board of directors. Fred Bowers, president and CEO of the new combined organisation, said: "As convergence increasingly continues in our industry, this newly-formed entity with PIA is the logical progression of our long-standing history together. "SGIA acquired NAPCO Media in 2019, bringing the industry’s leading media company under our umbrella. Now with PIA, we can provide even more streamlined services across all market segments and in one easily accessible location. Together, we house the most renowned thought leaders, events, and programming in the printing and graphic arts community.” Michael Makin, executive vice president of the new organisation added: "PIA is thrilled to join forces with SGIA, combining resources to serve every segment of the printing industry. Pooling the extensive talent of both organisations, along with the media expertise of NAPCO Media, is a game-changer."

All cotton used in the production of Mantis World’s garments have been sustainable and organic since 2019

it be for a printer, a brand, a company uniform or band merch, Mantis World has the range for everyone to find the perfect base for their ideas.

Brickweb launches The Brick Factory for garment decorators


he Brick Factory is the latest platform to be released by Brickweb that allows garment decorators to run their entire merchandising factory in real time from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Suitable for all decoration methods, the cloud-based system enables personalised garment decorators to implement a turnkey solution without the

rigmarole of multiple bits and pieces. The platform

handles each order, automatically sends files to the various printers and embroidery

machines and sends the blank products along the way. Drop- shipping, labelling and postal courier

systems are integrated, including Royal Mail and the US Postal Service.

Brickweb has partnered with major equipment suppliers such as Kornit and Brother for easy machine integration, as well as integrating with supplier’s databases such as Ralawise, Prestige Leisure UK, BTC activewear and PenCarrie. Not only that, the system integrates with all major e-commerce outlets, including Shopify, WooCommerce and Squarespace.

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