Focus on Screen Printing

Dalesway Compact starter press with impressive capabilities

Dalesway Print Technology offers the ideal press to start in screen printing, which still retains professional quality features when you do not want or need any bells and whistles. If you are looking for a very compact, but highly capable press, the Vastex V100 is the answer.

If you are a screen printing newbie, it is very important to select a press that is able to hold registration. The trouble is that you normally have to choose between

The Vastex V100

entry-level equipment and precision engineered machinery that is capable of holding registration. The Vastex V100 offers both.

What does the ability to hold registration mean for you and your profitability? It is a huge issue that is mostly overlooked. The ability of a press to hold registration is what will determine

ROQ Keep on ROQing!

The world is slowly returning to the former state. However, the team at ROQ reckon that it will take time for the economy to re-establish itself. It is expected for the competition worldwide to get harder than ever before.

ROQ believes the trend of custom garments will be more visible as this period of time has pushed more people to make online purchases, and for this type of product it is easier to make the purchase online. On this perspective the better equipped printers, delivering better quality and in faster time will get back to the business normality faster than other printers.

Having in mind the constant need of printers to stay ahead of the competition, ROQ has been working on a newer version of the ROQ NOW. It is finally

available. The ROQ NOW itself has

maintained the same smart

engineering, all

the knowledge that the team poured into it that allows for a fully automated workflow and considerable gains in quality (improved pre-treatment system), speed and man hours (only needs one operator).

This new version increased the number of print heads from 12 to 18. With the 18 print heads configuration the ROQ NOW has a swath of 38cm. This allows for the ROQ NOW to still output 300 pieces an hour not with an A4 size (23cm width) but with 38cm of width and 600x1200dpi.

It keeps the same quantity output with an increase of 65% of the swath, with the same quality.

This type of solution will keep you ahead of your competition and ease your way into the new economy ahead of the curve. This solution is already available for retail and ready to make your life easier. Keep on ROQing! Second generation Sophia June 2020 | 43 | ROQ NOW

whether you can profitably print multi-colour artwork. So, unless you only ever want to print a single colour, this is a huge issue. Entry-level presses will normally take longer to set up, but in the case of the V100, once the job is done, it really is done! You can run the same job all day or all week and you will never need to set the press up again, nor will you have to bin a pile of shirts because the operator did not spot the problem early. Dalesway Print Technology offers

a full range of equipment ranging from entry-level to heavy-duty professional quality machinery along with all the ancillaries required to create your artwork and screens in-house and cure your printed products in a professional way.

Mismatic Second generation Sophia

Mismatic has introduced the second generation Sophia single-colour automatic screen printing machine, which features a whole host of new improvements. Sophia has been designed and built to satisfy the requests of Mismatic’s customers. This single-colour automatic screen printing machine is compact in size, easy to use, with an excellent production per hour and above all low-cost. Improvements include: ● Improved design. ● Doubled production speed. ● Introduction of a control panel equipped with a colour touch-screen LCD monitor.

● Electronics controlled by a latest generation PLC. ● Introduction of an Ethernet/ WiFi router for remote service.

● The machine can also be controlled from tablets and smart phones (iOS and Andriod).

The second generation Sophia also includes a moving printing table. The introduction of this has allowed the size of the machine to be reduced and makes loading and unloading of the garment easy and fast.

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