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Gildan reports Q1 sales decline of 26% G

ildan has reported sales of $459 million for the first quarter of 2020 ended March 29, a drop of 26% compared to Q1 2019. Glenn Chamandy, president and CEO, said: “During the first quarter, we faced unprecedented impacts globally as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. This required us to amplify our focus on what we do best and on what we can do to support all our stakeholders as a values-driven, strong, resilient, and well-positioned company.” The company reported that its performance was on track during the first two months of the quarter, but as


global efforts to slow the transmission of COVID-19 heightened in March Gildan started to see a significant downturn in demand for core products, particularly in the printwear channel where products are typically used for promotional, sporting, entertainment, and other large-gathering and cultural events.

Activewear sales dropped by 24.5% to $372.6 million during Q1. To address the outfall of COVID-19, Gildan has put several measures in place, including the company’s board of directors, CEO and executive vice presidents foregoing 50% of their salaries and senior staff taking pay

Further ISO success for Wild Thang

ven though the Wild Thang team has been working remotely because of coronavirus, they have been awarded ISO27001, which now creates a trio of standard certifications at Wild Thang. Andrew Dwerryhouse, managing director, said: “We are absolutely delighted to announce our ISO27001 certification, especially given the challenges that COVID-19 is creating for companies and organisations across the UK, it shows we are still 100% open for business.

“Many thanks to Carrie Dwerryhouse who has worked incredibly hard along with the rest of the team over the past months to get this certification in place. It’s another important piece of our certification jigsaw and now makes a trio of ISO standard successes for Wild Thang, which also include ISO9001 and ISO14001. “Add those to the highest possible industry certification of BPMA charter standard, Sedex and Promota, we are certain that we are one of the most qualified and certified companies in our industry across the whole of the UK and likely to be the only company in the Liverpool City Region that can offer such world class standards. “We have always had the strictest governance and policy in place when it came to handling confidential data but now having the ISO27001 certification offers our clients complete peace of mind. This proves we have the ability to protect all corporate information and data, manage threats and demonstrates that we have the systems in place to protect corporate information and data of any size, whether this is online or offline.

“Wild Thang can manage data at any level and for any size of distribution or mailing projects, our clients will have complete confidence that their data is 100% safe, secure and confidential.”


he ASBCI’s guide to garment costing has been released as an ebook and is available to purchase on Amazon.

Bringing together the collective expertise of ASBCI members, ‘Garment Costing – everything you need to know about the cost of making clothes’, was first published in print in 2018 and remains the only book of its type to specifically address all the aspects of garment costing.

Republished for 2020, the ASBCI has taken advantage of Amazon’s Kindle format to offer this essential guide at a reduced cost and make it available worldwide.

The technical handbook provides a step-by-step explanation of the garment costing process, including detailed chapters on sourcing strategy, the added-value supply chain, garment materials, labour, overheads, logistics, and garment reprocessing.

In addition to an analysis of the different stages of production and how these impact the cost of a garment, the ebook edition has been

| 4 | June 2020

Carrie Dwerryhouse, Wild Thang employee and wife to MD Andrew Dwerryhouse, holding the certificate

ASBCI’s garment costing handbook now available as an ebook

updated with a comprehensive explanation of costing calculations, complete with examples, to make it as easy as possible for fashion professionals at all stages of the supply chain to understand how to arrive at a final cost and how to price lines to ensure they make a profit.

Also included is a detailed explanation of labour costs calculations, including examples of time and work measurements and sample spreadsheets, a useful glossary of costing and accounting terms, and some cautionary anecdotes that demonstrate how easily product lines can go from profit to loss. ASBCI chairman, Alistair Knox, said: “We are delighted to make the Garment Costing handbook available in a low-cost ebook format. It is the only guide of its kind to comprehensively cover this complex aspect of fashion buying and manufacture, and we are very pleased to be able to make it available more widely in response to popular demand.”

reductions varying between 20% and 35%. And as of March 30, the majority of salaried staff moved to a four-day week.

Mr Chamandy added: “I am both proud of and extend my gratitude to our employees for their dedication and efforts during this crisis which we will continue to move through over the coming months. I am also equally proud that in these difficult times, Gildan has been able to join with our partners to adapt rapidly to be able to produce products for the health care sector and people working in essential roles, as we all fight this global challenge.”

The ASBCI’s guide to garment costing is available as an ebook

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