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drupa releases third Global Trends Spotlight report O

ver 500 printers and almost 200 suppliers took part in this year’s drupa Spotlight report, ‘Strategic choices in a competitive and converging marketplace’, which was conducted before the coronavirus pandemic. In most market sectors and most regions there are very challenging conditions. As for suppliers, they are only as healthy as their customers and they too must respond to the declining prospects for traditional products and services. For many the answer must be, at least in part, to launch new products and services.

Roughly 60% of printers launched major new products or services in the last four years into their existing markets. About half the launches were successful and very few went badly wrong. Diversifying the range of products/services and gaining new customers were chosen as the top benefits. As for the drawbacks, most reported that the launches sucked in far too much staff time and other resources and often ran well behind schedule.

About 30% of printers had launched into new market sectors. This is clearly a more difficult challenge and the results reflected that, with c.40% of the launches going well (compared with 54% for existing markets).

The Big Promotional Trade Show reschedules June events


ollowing the announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on May 10, The Big Promotional Trade Show has taken the decision to reschedule its June events. The new dates are as follows: ● The Big New Products Trade Show – Dublin Tuesday, September 1

The Ballroom, Red Cow Moran Hotel

● The Big New Products Trade Show – London Friday, September 23

The Buckingham Suite, Heathrow / Windsor Marriott Hotel

● The Big New Products Trade Show – Manchester Thursday, September 29

The Manchester Suite, Manchester United Football Club

● The Big Promotional Trade Show – Glasgow Wednesday, March 10, 2021 The Argyll Suite, Glasgow Crowne Plaza

● The Big Promotional Trade Show – Dublin Wednesday, March 24, 2021 The Ballroom, Red Cow Moran Hotel

● The Big Promotional Trade Show – Manchester Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Point, Lancashire County Cricket Club

● The Big Promotional Trade Show – Surrey Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Esher Hall, Sandown Park Racecourse The Big New Products Trade Show autumn dates remain the same and the Dublin show has provisionally been moved to September. Promotional Showcase autumn dates remain the same.

The organisers state that the autumn dates will be regularly reviewed and they are working with all venues to ensure that these events will meet any all the factors in the UFI’s (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) five-point plan and any additional government requirements.

| 12 | June 2020

Turning to suppliers, approximately 80% launched new products/services over the last four years. The results were clearly better the larger the company with a success rate of 40% for the smallest suppliers up to 80% for the largest. The top benefits were diversification and gaining new customers. The biggest problems by far were launches running late and sucking in too many resources, while building the correct channels to market was a common challenge.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, 76% of printers and 85% of suppliers were either definitely or possibly launching new products or services in the next four years. Clearly that will mean investment, with digital print technology followed by finishing being the most popular targets for printers.

The report draws four key lessons on how best to succeed when launching new products or services: ● Launching new services and products needs proper well-prepared processes.

● Careful selection and development is essential – no knee-jerk reactions.

● Plan conservatively – expect delays and complications. ● Manage your expectations – be realistic.

Drytac announces new PVC-free floor graphic solutions in Europe


rytac has launched two new PVC-free floor graphic products in Europe to meet the growing demand for non-slip, easy-to- apply solutions in this market.

Drytac Polar Floor PET 170 is a new print media for indoor floor graphics that meets essential anti-slip requirements without the need for lamination. Part of the popular Polar range, Polar Floor PET 170 PVC-free polyester film has achieved a post-printed anti- slip rating of R10 according to DIN 51130, has been classed as low slip potential by the UK Pendulum Test and is certified to the US ANSI A137.1 slip test. These credentials are crucial for ensuring safety throughout floor graphics campaigns in high- traffic areas.

Also new from Drytac is SpotOn SynTac Floor. One half of a two-part solution with Drytac's Interlam EcoTex PVC-free overlaminating film, this new product has been developed with the environment in mind. Featuring Drytac's unique SpotOn dot- pattern adhesive, SpotOn SynTac Floor is easily applied to and removed from smooth floor surfaces including ceramic tiles, sealed wood and concrete. When paired with Interlam EcoTex, this printable matte white, self-adhesive film gives floor graphics a pebble-texture finish. Interlam EcoTex has been tested in accordance with DIN 51130 standards and has been awarded an R10 anti-slip rating to give end users peace of mind.

Drytac Polar Floor PET 170 has a thickness of 170 (6.8 mil) and is available in widths up to 1524mm. SpotOn SynTac Floor and Interlam EcoTex have a combined thickness of 240 and is available in roll widths of up to 1370mm.

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