Focus on Screen Printing

Permaset Still manufacturing eco-friendly screen printing inks and shipping worldwide

Colormaker Industries, the Australian sustainable paint and ink manufacturer based on the northern beaches of Sydney, remains open and operational. Colormaker is the manufacturer of the Permaset eco-friendly water-based range of screen printing inks.

Colormaker Industries’ MD David Stuart said:

“We remain open and operational in Sydney throughout these uncertain times at least until Australian authorities advise us otherwise. “We have taken the precautions of social distancing, using hand sanitiser and wearing face masks in the daily operations of our business, and extra cleaning during and at the end of each shift. Colormaker is still manufacturing Permaset, Permatone and Permaprint Premium inks and

distributing to our worldwide network of resellers.”

Soil Association approved ink system the Permatone range of inks and Permaset Process Colours have been granted approval of the Soil Association of the UK, having

successfully met the requirements of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) for

Baby romper printed with Permatone Soil Association approved inks on an organic cotton onesie by Tinker by Printink in Melbourne

non-organic chemical inputs for use in organic textile processing. These inks are 100% solvent free, yet still deliver really pure, vibrant colour, an exceptionally superior soft handle and excellent wash and dry-clean durability. This is the first range of textile inks from outside the UK to obtain this approval. Permatone inks are a water-based colour- matching ink system which is made up of 12 bases. These include nine colours plus black, white and Extender (Print Paste) which can be mixed to match over 1,869 colours. They are excellent for matching corporate colours. Screen printers choose Permatone inks when printing organic T shirts and fabrics, babywear, swimwear, undergarments and yardage to offer a fully sustainable product. The range is also vegan, and works perfectly with organic cotton, hemp and other sustainable fabrics and is excellent for garments coming into contact with delicate skin.

Permaset inks are manufactured using 100% renewable energy. Since the installation of its solar array in September 2019, Colormaker has just exceeded the generation of 100,000 kilowatts in solar energy. | 42 | June 2020

Screen Print World A one-stop shop for screen printers

Screen Print World has been the one-stop shop for many screen printers worldwide for many years.

“In saying this I hear myself say one of the most over used phrases I hear in our industry,” says Dave Roper, MD. “A one-stop shop is used when describing services a company could offer. So why are we so different I hear you say?” ● SPW can start up a

Dave Roper giving the personal touch newbie printer in his front room knocking out prints for his band merch.

● SPW supplies world class award-winning screen print machinery to the very top printers.

● SPW offers quality used equipment for those who are on a tight budget. ● SPW offers hands on training through its own Print Academy and even on site in person.

● SPW services, backs up and supports all its machinery with expertise. ● SPW offers 24/7 ordered through its excellent website. ● SPW offers advice and help through various Facebook groups like ‘Screen printing in the UK’.

● And the most important factor is experience.

SPW has been in the industry and doing this for over 35 years and has sold thousands of bits of equipment and set up hundreds of print shop. You can contact either Nick Walker or Dave Roper and they will help and guide you through anything from a new auto printshop lay out or how use the latest dye blocking ink on an award garment. Screen Print World… a one-stop shop for all screen printers… simples.

Virus Inks Two new digital hybrid printing inks

Virus Inks has introduced two new digital hybrid printing inks – Digi White and Digi Pro 1.

Digi White is a ready to use white matt ink extremely soft and elastic for pre digital under base on coloured fabrics. Its exclusive formula makes it extremely versatile and suitable to perform wide under bases and print thin lines, fine details and half tones (for screens up to 120 mesh).

For a greater brightness and colour fastness it is recommended to apply a layer of transparent Digi Pro on top of the white under base previously dried before proceeding with the digital printing on a base still wet.

Digi White and Digi Pro 1 can be used on polyester and cotton fabrics

It can be used with polyester blends, 100% polyester, nylon, cotton blends and 100% cotton. It’s PVC, phthalate and formaldehyde free, as well Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified.

Digi Pro 1 is an advanced transparent ink that carries out a twofold function. Perfect also on its own as pre-digital base on white fabrics, ensures flexibility and softness to the final result.

Furthermore, used as a protective top coat enables to create a matt finish, flexible protection that increments the resistant to washing of the digital printing. It can be used with 100% cotton, cotton blends, 100% polyester, nylon and polyester blends. It’s PVC, phthalate and formaldehyde free, as well Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified.

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