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Ok, panic over. We can all stop worrying about a no deal cliff edge… until the next one. Blimey, they come around quicker that the deadline for my column (you’re late again, ed). Promotional products commentator, Stuart Derrick, reports.

there are people out there scratching their heads and wondering what to do with 50,000 car air fresheners, strawberry flavour. Good luck with that fella!


opefully everyone has plans for the stock that theyʼve been piling ʻjust in caseʼ. No doubt

Maybe the new Brexit Party could take them. Opening for business recently, its website was full of exciting updates on the partyʼs candidates for the European Elections, but no merchandise. This is a shame as it actually has a rather nifty logo. I think itʼs supposed to be an arrow, although unfortunately it looks a bit like a house thatʼs blown over, or the Dadʼs Army advancing arrow. Iʼm sure that designers could have a lot of fun with that – maybe an update on the ʻIʼm with stupid!ʼ T shirt. Perfect for standing next to idiot Remainers.

Get a hat Anyway, enough polemics and on to business. As any fool knows, if you want to get a head, get a hat. Itʼs an approach that has served headwear specialist Sharon Lee well – the company has been going since 1947. These days, its business is focused on promotional merchandise and it has built up its offering over recent years so that it now has capacity to produce 12,000 logos a week, treble what it used to be able to handle. Itʼs not just capacity though. Management has trained its beady eye on quality and it recently obtained a SMETA audit with zero non- conformances and also passed a Fast Forward audit with the second highest accolade that can be achieved. We just cannot believe how far we have come.

Top to toe

Merchandise can cater from top to toe, so it was no surprise to hear about a new style of Saucony trainers. More eye- opening was the link with Dunkinʼ Donuts

in conjunction with the Boston Marathon. The branded shoes were on sale for three weeks before the race and itʼs the second year running that they have team up, using the brandʼs slogan ʻAmerica Runs on Dunkinʼ to the max. Last year the shoes sold out in hours and this yearʼs shoes look set to be as popular. The new design even features a metal lace tab shaped like a tiny strawberry frosted doughnut. Thatʼs before we even mention the 360⁰ DD branding. Time for the feet to hit the street.

That all over branding effect really does create stand out, so Goldstarʼs SimpliColour process is taking the impact that a branded pen can make to another level. SimpliColour offers the ability to wrap a full colour image all around the barrel of the pen giving


complete design freedom. Available on 15 products, clients can simply pick a pen, pick a trim and then get creative. For customers requiring more than just a one colour print, it is a superb new option.

SimpliColour pens

That all over look is also being offered by Brandelity on its best-selling water bottle, the stylish stainless steel Verona. A full wrap print can be produced for this classy, reusable metal water bottle which features a metallic bottom and cap and is great for eco-friendly campaigns. With a high perceived value, it makes a great corporate gift and will add a touch of class to any range of branded merchandise. The Verona stainless steel water bottle is available in both 350ml and 500ml capacities.

Dunkin’ Donuts branded trainers

Reduce, reuse and recycle Reduce, reuse and recycle is of course the mantra of the age. The war on single use plastics continues and the latest front has seen festivals, notably Glastonbury, banning the sale of single-use plastic bottles during the festival. Festival goers to bring their own reusable water bottles,

Brandelity’s Verona stainless steel water bottle

to fill up at hundreds of free water taps dotted across the entire Glastonbury site. Bottles join the banned list alongside plastic cutlery, plastic straws, non reusable bar cups and a host of other single use products. The times they really are a changing.

So, as well as your reusable water bottle, metal straw and spork, it could be worth taking a drinking vessel with you. 14 Promotions, best known as sports ball specialists, have introduced the Podi cup, which may fit the bill. The PODI Cup is a BPA free collapsible silicone cup that is perfect for both hot and cold drinks on the move. Itʼs innovative design allows the cup to be folded down and kept in a bag or a pocket after use. The company can even offer custom PMS colour matching for free.


The final bit of do-gooding comes via German confectionery company Magna Sweets. As a result of its cooperation with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, the company claims it is probably the most successful Fairtrade chocolate of all time. And tasty too! Just recently its Gute Schokolade (good chocolate) was judged as the best of 25 milk chocolates tested.

For every five bars of Gute Schokolade sold, Plant-for-the- Planet plants a tree in its own planting area on the Yucatán Peninsula. 13 million bars of chocolate have already been sold and thus three million trees planted. Promotional products distributors, who

14 Promotions’ PODI Cup

placed orders for the bars will receive a little tree to plant as a gift. Tree-mendous.

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