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TEA chief operating officer Jennie Nevin, departs

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) has announced that chief operating officer Jennie Nevin, is stepping down after seven years, effective November 30, 2020. Nevin will consult with the TEA during the transition period toward new leadership. Since Nevin joined TEA in 2013, the Association has reached new milestones in many aspects of its operations and programming, including membership growth, member services, brand identity, financial stability, internal organization, staffing, and global awareness.

During her tenure, Jennie Nevin stewarded the Association to achieve its goals of financial recovery, stability and to reach new levels of sponsorship and membership growth.

Nevin’s work enabled the TEA to eliminate its debt, significantly increase annual income, establish a large operational reserve, more than quadruple its membership, expand its sponsorship base, and dramatically enhance the quantity and quality of its member events worldwide. She also took steps to foster a greater emphasis on diversity within the association. Nevin led the development of several new policies and procedures. This development included the introduction of board governance training, as well as the establishment of code of conduct, antitrust, and conflict of interest policies.

She also worked to elevate the TEA brand, spearheading the creation of a new website, logo, and brand guidelines, as well as raising the profile of the TEA/AECOM Theme Index and Museum Index, TEA Summit and Thea Awards, and global SATE conferences.

In response to the global pandemic, Nevin

successfully pivoted the Themed Entertainment Association’s programming from in-person to virtual, helping to produce over 55 TEA Digital events, including the inaugural Thea Awards Digital Case Studies.

She also drafted guidelines to safely reintroduce in-person events when appropriate, made the TEA Job Board free of charge to companies and job seekers, and worked to extend memberships for those companies and individuals financially struggling. During this time she also helped create and formalise TEA’s new mentor programme. Jennie’s focus on financial management and sponsor engagement throughout the past seven years has allowed the TEA’s finances to remain stable even in the midst of the current economic crisis.

Jennie Nevin has been a familiar presence in the global attractions community, helping TEA to reflect and support the global expansion and evolution of the industry.

She represented and promoted the TEA year-round at conferences and trade gatherings around the world, building relationships and establishing partnerships with other industry organizations and sponsors. Nevin will assist in executing the current initiatives of the TEA, while a member of the TEA Headquarters staff will manage the day-to-day functionality of the Association. An Executive Search Committee is in the process of formulation, led by incoming TEA international board resident, Chuck Fawcett of Animax Designs.

“Jennie has been instrumental in the growth and stabilisation of the TEA since she was brought on board seven years ago,” said Michael Blau, outgoing

president of the TEA International Board. “She managed to formalise and professionalise the TEA through tremendous efforts, dedication, time, and unwavering commitment. Without her, we would not have been able to serve our members to the great extent that we have during her tenure,” said Blau. “I want to very much thank Jennie, and I wish her success in her next role.”

“It has been an honour to serve the Association and its members worldwide for the past seven years,” said Nevin. “I care deeply for the TEA and for the leaders and members who have supported me throughout my time here, and I know there is a bright future ahead.” Headquarters staff will manage the day-to- day functionality of the Association. An Executive Search Committee is in the process of formulation, led by incoming TEA international board president, Chuck Fawcett of Animax Designs.

JET Games and UK’s Jolly Roger announce US distribution agreement

Jennison Entertainment Technologies (JET) has been appointed as the exclusive US distributor for all Jolly Roger rides. The agreement between both companies was reached prior to the start of the worldwide pandemic and formalised on 1 June. The announcement allows immediate domestic support of all Jolly Roger products in the United States. JET will stock all rides and parts at its newly expanded headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida. As part of the agreement, Paul Teneyuca who was previously the senior director of

game operations for CEC Entertainment Inc., will be working with the company to help develop the business domestically. Paul brings a wealth of expertise with his insight and familiarity within the operation aspect of the industry. Commenting on the partnership, Jeff Peveler, JETʼs director of domestic business development, said: “A partnership between JET and Jolly Roger makes perfect sense. We are both known for quality product and timely, professional customer care. Having Jolly Rogerʼs product and parts on hand

with JET will cut down lead time and provide a familiar presence for sales, parts and service.” In addition to the distribution of all Jolly

Roger products, JET has also designed several new rides that will be manufactured by Jolly Roger in the United Kingdom. These rides will replace JETʼs and FFCʼs entire kiddie ride product line. The first of these rides will be sold under the Family Fun Companies brand and will be available at the end of 2020.



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