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installing the media technology and screens for 14 completed theatres with a number still in production and to be announced soon. We have developed some very special skills in screen design and the technology behind the scenes and have been fortunate to work with a number of ride manufacturers and media producers to develop some of the best loved attractions in the world.

What have been your biggest challenges? Coming up with something different? To a degree with many projects the engineering is a huge challenge but we know how to approach it if given the right time and budgets. Coming up with ideas that stretch the imagination is never easy and working with clients with high expectations means coming up with something that may never have been done before, but we are confident it will work. For example, in Heilbronn near Stuttgart is experimenta, the largest Science Centre in Germany, and they wanted a science dome to act as a planetarium. They also wanted to show large screen films, use the space for conferences and demonstrations and they wanted a ‘wow’ factor. KLT developed a theatre that has virtually everything in one compact theatre space. The theatre can take 150 guests in comfort and on entry, the focus is on the ‘event’ space with a 170SqM stage and a range of technology and effects from 3D projection, show laser, holographic screen, water screen, fog and wind, as well as spectacular lightning discharges via several Tesla coils. The stage also features state-of-the-art stage and lighting equipment and thus opens up numerous opportunities for events and now we have interest from theme park clients who want the wow factor, plus a multi-purpose space. The real buzz is when the audience silently rotate during a show in to a huge dome, with a state-of the-art 3D projection system and immersive soundscape. This is certainly one of the most technically advanced multi- purpose theatres I have ever seen in my lifetime, but then the trick is to make it look simple to the guests so they just sit back and enjoy it.

And your greatest achievements? Difficult to answer as there have been many, but an underlying achievement is I believe repeat business – whilst the industry is growing, we are lucky that our clients come back to us time and again and we are very grateful for that. It is hard to get every project right, and whilst any project will have its problems and upsets, it is all about overcoming those issues, getting to the final delivery and doing the job it was intended for, with the minimum of downtime or maintenance. So, whilst the obvious achievements may be awards and World records, the real achievement is keeping our clients happy and coming up with a ‘we never thought of that’ idea every now and then! I have already touched on experimenta which was both a challenge and a great achievement, but I should also talk about some of our largest projects and installations in China. Back in 2015, the 5D Castle Theatre opened at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom park in Zhuhai, and even today it holds the official Guinness record for the largest 4D theater at 1,000 seats and the largest 3D screen. The attraction is enormous and easily handles over 30,000 guests a day and we know is seen as one of the key attractions in the park with some running for the first show of the day, and repeating later on the way


Magic Glaze 5D Theatre in Changsha (CN)

out. We were highly privileged to be asked to work on this ground breaking attraction which is going strong today and continues to thrill millions of guests.

Back in 2019 we delivered the Magic Glaze 5D theater in Changsha, and for this enormous project the client asked us to work as a turnkey supplier not only designing and supplying the whole 800 seat theatre, but also taking responsibility for the design details and the media production! The client had a background in porcelain and ceramics, so they wanted a theatre that could create a special and unique atmosphere for the entry of guests, to give the impression of the interior of a flaming kiln. This resulted again in a unique design with a ceiling mapping surface of roughly 800 m2 as well as additional ‘wrap round’ screen surface of roughly 1,200 m2 with 3D projection. Our SFX armrest seats were used in a vast array within the immersive theatre and we delivered alongside the client and media producer a complete package in a major new park site, where we also were working on a flying theatre simultaneously. More recently and also relevant to Covid19, is that since February we have been working with a huge team in Dubai on one of the largest country pavilions at Expo 2020. The team have been fantastic, working in very difficult circumstances and we think that what will deliver to the client will look stunning!

Can you tell me about any of your upcoming projects, or is it all top secret? The very nature of our business means that we have confidentiality agreements with most of our clients, and we do not say too much about new projects until they are fully revealed, never mind how excited we are about the work we are doing. So, whilst I cannot mention some clients and projects, yet, I can tease you by saying we will have projects opening in the USA with the FlyOver team next year and we are doing some very interesting work with the Falcons Creative Group in the Caribbean. We will also have announcements and openings next year in Morocco, Moscow, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Vietnam, China, Qatar, UAE, UK, Germany and Austria to name just a few places in the forthcoming months.



team have been fantastic, working in very difficult circumstances and we think that what will deliver to the client will look stunning!

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