Park News

Tekzone awarded MENALAC Award for interior design concept


uwait City-based FEC Tekzone, located in Avenues Mall, was warded ‘Best New Concept Interior Design for a Leisure Facility’ at the MENALAC Awards Gala 2020. Tekzone was the final winner out of four nominees (and several hundred FEC’s) in the MENA region. KCC’s CEO Yannick Maes said: “The theme and atmosphere of the project is extremely adaptable and can be changed in the blink of an eye. One moment you are exploring an underwater reef while seconds later you are in the center of a jungle. This has been accomplished by using projection and over 100 LED screens with overflowing content creating a unique vivid world. Every visit brings a new experience!” “After our recent design award for the Smurfs Theme Park in Shanghai, it’s great to receive this design award in another part of the globe. It shows the versatility of KCC Entertainment Design and ability to adapt our design approach to the local market (and the competition).” says CEO Yannick Maes.

Coming next to Tekzone is a newly developed system to ‘gamify’ the visitor experience. Visitors can interact with almost all attractions, making their visit more immersive and personalized. Through these interactions the visitors’ “avatar” collects points and level ups and redeem rewards. “This approach has led to an incredible increase in returning visitors. We expected this when creating the concept and designing the location, but not on this magnitude.” said Yannick. “KCC was the design & build partner for Alshaya for this first Tekzone and we’d like to congratulate the Alshaya team as well. We had an amazing cooperation which is now continued in 2 new locations of TEKZONE opening doors in 2021.”

Creative Works hosts second successful Virtual Amusement 360 event

On 6-8 October, the amusement attractions provider Creative Works held its second virtual Amusement 360 Event of the year. Over 300 new and existing entertainment operators registered, making it one of the largest Amusement 360 Events ever. Due to the continued limitations from the pandemic, the event (which is normally held in-person) was moved to a virtual format for the second time this year. Creative Works also provided free registration to make it easy for any operator to attend.

“Once again, we were blown away by how many business owners registered and engaged with the content,” said Danny Gruening, the vice president of marketing at Creative Works. “I love seeing so many operators come together to find ways to help one another achieve their goals.”

The first day of the event focused on time-relevant topics to help

businesses improve their operations. These topics included how to create systems and processes to eliminate waste, how to maximize revenue with limited capacity, the key factors lending institutions are focused on right now, how to lead staff in times of uncertainty, and much more. The second day was filled with industry expert and operator interviews. Matt Heller and Josh Liebman (Attraction Pros) talked employee and guest feedback, while operators Jeremy Hoyum (Urban Air), Barry Zelickson (Big Thrill Factory), Craig Buster (Coconut Bowl at Wild Island), Jeff Gebhart (Craig’s Cruisers), and Chucky Blalock (TopJump, Crave Golf Club) covered a variety of topics related to running an entertainment business. A big part of entrepreneurship comes from determination, mindset, and perspective. Creative Works delivered on this with a keynote from Jason Barnaby (Firestarters

Inc) where he showed how to find inspiration and ignite the fire within. And in honour of Creative Works late founder Jeff Schilling, the company had a session that focused on legacy and how to make a lasting impact through gratitude.

The event ended with a live Q&A session followed by an operator round table where operators could address their business challenges on a more personal level.

Based on the reaction from attendees, the Amusement 360 Event was a resounding success. In the post-show survey, 100% of attendees said they would recommend the event to industry colleagues. The 2021 Amusement 360 Event dates have been announced and will take place on February 23-25, 2021 and August 24-26, 2021. For more information, go to amusement360. com/event.



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