Media Based Experiences

stand out to him, Peter Cliff, creative director, Holovis says: “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort offers two distinct but brilliant experiences. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is a technically advanced ride where you get to pilot the space ship. The real-time content, cinematic form and innovative and creative delivery make it a superb, high- end experience.

“Next to it is the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance dark ride. This is less obviously creatively advanced but uses trackless ride vehicles and provides unmatched levels of immersion. The use of scenic SFX catapult the audience into the experience and its environment.

Dome Ride Theatre, Attraktion!

Markus Beyr, managing director of Attraktion!

looking for alternatives, which resulted in Thor’s Hammer Ride in Tussenfryd,” he says adding: “we are also working also on a few more affordable versions with Aardman, one being “a fishtale” dark ride concept, together with versions of the Thors’ Hammer adventure and other rides that are under non-disclosure agreements.” 2020 has also been busy year for Attraktion! “This year we realised a big upgrade of a key attraction inside Universe in Denmark called Blue Cube 2.0. While this is not an ordinary theme park, it uses ingredients from parent company Danfoss with speed water, energy (lightnings), freezing... to create a unique immersive experience in the core of the park. Such interactive experiences strengthen the destination with its spirit, and do not require a huge budget. So, we see the adding of immersive rooms and immersive environments as a big value price versus result when it comes to thinking about creating new destination experience operators can afford, versus also upgrading existing destinations. We also have smaller attractions which allow a great attraction at small investment like the Explorer 5D where guests can explore inside a 270 degrees environment new spaces.”

Pushing the boundaries of design and creativity

Commenting on the media based experiences that

New dark ride experience unveiled by Katapult And Simworx

A new horror dark ride experience has been unveiled by themed attraction designer Katapult, in collaboration with simulator ride manufacturer, Simworx. TORCHLIGHT: Search of the Forest will transport guests to a mysterious woodland where they are put in charge of finding out what has happened to dozens of missing people. The question is, who, or what, is responsible? The dark ride’s narrative, concept and guest experience

by Katapult, has been developed to coincide with Simworx’s Automated Guided Vehicle technology (AGV). The trackless ride system which is omni-directional, includes a 3 degrees of freedom motion base and vehicle acceleration of up to 2.4 metres per second, offers a unique experience to the market. Simworx CEO, Terry Monkton says, “As a dark ride concept, TORCHLIGHT ticks all the boxes of creating an exciting,

immersive and globally unique experience. We have been really impressed with Katapult who have spent considerable time with our technical team to fully understand the unique performance capabilities of our AGV and they have subsequently developed a fabulous dark ride concept that fully utilises these.”

“Both these rides feature strong creative, innovation and technology, but they are used in different ways to achieve two fantastic but distinct experiences.”

It was the late 80’s, when Philipp van Stratum, CEO of P&P Projects first created movies and a motion platform for the Space Camp Belgium. Later, came the Spiderman dark ride at Universal Studios Orlando which is still one of the best that passed the test of time in his opinion. “After that there were a lot of spin offs that made the rides interactive,” he says. “We at P&P Projects, for example, created more than half a dozen Lego interactive rides and a media based dark ride for Tussenfryd in Norway a few years back. The last one being one where we used media to create a 3D storyline on the Northern mythology of Thor.

“Currently we are working on three IP and media-

based attractions for two different major theme parks in Europe and Asia. In these attractions we will see a different way of combining physical show sets and media- based sets.

Philipp continues: “We always try to incorporate new ways and techniques, and sometimes it is good to go back to what is traditional, he says, using the example of the media based Vikingaliv attraction in Stockholm. “This museum/visitor centre chose to tell a story with dioramas and miniatures, creating the projected images and movements just by using media - very traditional with a modern twist.

“On the opposite side we are finishing a huge dark ride with state-of-the-art video effects and show sets that blend



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