Media Based Experiences HOLOGATE partners with ARVI VR

HOLOGATE, a Munich-based market-leading virtual reality (VR) company, with over 400 systems sold and over 5,000,000 players per year, has partnered with ARVI VR to bring its series of VR Escape Rooms to the HOLOGATE. porfolio On top of that, HOLOGATE will soon offer a specially branded VR ESCAPE platform, ideal for Escape Room spaces, or locations that are looking to add Virtual Reality Escape Room experiences. Adding Escape Rooms to HOLOGATE’s already extensive, fun-for- everyone, games library, will allow operators to extend their offering of games and also provide longer experiences, filled with story-driven, brain-twisting, immersive challenges. With its interesting plots and tricky puzzles, ARVI VR Escape Rooms

is a perfect fit for HOLOGATE, believed to be the world’s largest network of cooperative, social-multiplayer experiences, and with three unique rooms to choose from at the start, both first-time and

returning players will find fun yet challenging adventures within. ARVI VR is currently preparing the first three experiences for

the HOLOGATE ARENA, as well as the specially branded VR ESCAPE platform; a cyberpunk heist, a secret service mission, and a prison escape too!

in with the video content, and where we were involved to develop the dark ride together with the creative team, and recreated the final scenes which was a very exciting process.”

Markus Beyr, managing director, Attraktion! says: “Our Dome Ride Theatre is exactly the game changer for media-based attractions due to its uniqueness in the market to be immersed without gaps.

“At the moment we are manufacturing the world’s first Dome Ride Theatre for a new project in the Middle East, and the more we are feeling the product come alive, the more we are seeing that this attraction has the strength to revolutionise the media -based attraction genres,” says Markus, insisting: “It is by far more immersive and allowing more diversity than any other media-based ride format in the industry.”

Major attraction for Fantasy I also think

Augmented Reality has so much potential to become a platform in its own right - providing new and interactive ways of seeing the world.

Valley Theme Park, China Triotech has announced a new project with OCT Group for the installation of a double walkthrough attraction in the Fantasy Valley Theme Park in Xiangyang, in the Province of Hubei, China which will offer each guest a rich immersive and interactive multi-sensory experience. The theme will be “Space Pirates” and guests will be on foot, going through a series of distinct zones each with its specific immersive and interactive elements. Guests are divided into two factions: Pirates

or Bounty Hunters. These opposing teams are presented with conflicting goals which raises the stakes and in turn, encourages friendly competition. The Pirate Team will race through space stealing intergalactic coins, while the Bounty Hunters will nab as many hidden treasures as they can. The swashbuckling adventure’s climax will alternate based on which team performs the best. “Over the last several years, Triotech has had the privilege to design and deploy several attractions for the OCT Group in their different parks. We are proud to be a partner of OCT”, said Ernest Yale, Triotech’s founder and CEO. “Triotech has

What’s next?

Looking to the future, Kevin Murphy of Kraftwerk Living Technologies’ says: “One specific technology we have identified as a potential game changer, are creative LED displays. Not just the flat screens and typically shapes, but complex curves, domes, and other shapes that are starting to be introduced into projects now! We have a range of products we have developed with our partners and they will be on public show next year, and we have some exciting projects in the current pipeline where the quality, black level and convenience of LED offers something well worth paying the premium for. LED will never replace projection and the two technologies will live side by side, but creatively LED will offer something new in spaces that are hard to project.

Markus Beyr, managing director Attraktion! agrees: “LED Technology will allow new attractions formats in a larger number, like we have never seen before,” he says. “The next generation of interactive attractions is going to feature computer vision and AI, as is the case in the LEGO Factory Adventure dark ride premiering at LEGOLAND New York in 2021. This technology is a big step forward and will provide really exciting media- based experiences in the future,” offers Peter Cliff, creative director Holovis.

“I also think Augmented Reality has so much potential to become a platform in its own right – providing new and interactive ways of seeing the world.”

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