Ride Profile

Stefan. This meant all aerobatics are performed in the flying positioning, but with a high degree of variation in forces and countless direction changes. Sections where riders are pushed in the vest are always followed by an airtime hill or a roll-over element where riders experience zero-G flight. This keeps the ride experience unpredictable and thrilling, but accessible to all visitors. The pace at which these elements are taken strikes a balance between the sensation of speed and allowing riders to take in all the incredible views: the coaster was designed as part of an integral, flying experience that factors in all the spectacular close encounters with the scenery of Rookburgh – a journey rather than a ride.” Phantasialand is equally enthisiastic about the finished product: “F.L.Y. is a revolutionary flying adventure!” say officials. “Visionary mechanics, a completely new flight position and unprecedented pilot seats: F.L.Y. has revolutionised technology and the riding experience. Lying on your stomach you will conquer the skies - and feel the freedom of the sky as close as never before! Sitting upright, your journey with F.L.Y. begins until your pilot’s seat turns gallantly under the rail for lift-off and you are shot into the sky lying down - and flying! The smooth lateral rotation of the pilot seats into the reclining position was developed especially for F.L.Y and is unique in the world.”

Guest reactions have been “overwhelming”, says Stefan, adding: “it has been rated as a true 5-star experience.”

Officials for Phantasialand continue: “What delights us, is the way our guests perceive Rookburgh. From the very first moments, they grasped the stories and the world of Rookburgh, immersed themselves in it and enlivened it with their own experiences and stories - literally passing on their own versions of the spirit of Rookburgh. The complete immersion - which was our declared goal with Rookburgh - is felt so intensely by the guests and they become so much a part of Rookburgh and its stories. That really surprised us – and we love it! “From the very beginning, guests have described themselves as “explorers” who adventure through Rookburgh. In their reports (blogs, social media, personal feedback), they become “pilots” who “fly” – they do not “ride” the coaster. That our ideas and stories of Rookburgh would be felt and “lived” this way was our hope and that our guests now formulate and experience this so intensely is of course something we are very excited about. “It’s also surprising that for many Rookburgh visitors the overall experience is more important than the coaster - even if it’s of course what we wanted to create. Many guests first talk about their experiences with the special delights in the restaurant Uhrwerk or their astonishment about the design of the world, or their experiences in the Hotel Charles Lindbergh before they address their flight with F.L.Y. - so it is a little upside down from a “normal” perception of a coaster and a themed world. Most of the time a coaster is the focus of attention (and also of the concept). The fact that our theme world as an overall experience, in which hotel, coaster, design and enjoyment merge completely with each other, works out so well and that our guests literally become “Rookburghers” themselves, has surprised and inspired us anew every day.”

The complete

immersion, which was our declared goal with Rookburgh, is felt so intensely by guests and they become so much a part of Rookburgh and its stories.



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