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Finalists announced Park World

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The Park World Excellence Awards judges have cast their votes and the results are in...


ommenting on the amazing response to this year’s Awards despite all of the difficulties the industry has faced in 2020, judge Richard Pawley says: “It has been a year we will

all remember, however the entries from those participating in the Park World Excellence Awards have been outstanding and I need to emphasise they are all winners for taking part in 2020. It was a privilege to judge each category, everyone was special. “However, there has to be a preferable one that stands out for

each judge and I therefore look forward to congratulating the winners for this year.” Fellow judge Phil Taylor agrees: “In such a challenging year,

Best Roller Coaster Desmo Race at Mirabilandia, supplied by Maurer Rides

Hals-über-Kopf and Volldampf at Tripsdrill, supplied by Vekoma Rides

Max & Moritz at Efteling, supplied by Mack Rides

Objectif Mars at Parc du Futuroscope, supplied by Intamin Amusement Rides

Pitts Special at PowerPark, supplied by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides

Shred The Sewers Launch Coaster at Dream Island, supplied by Intamin Amusement Rides

Zadra at EnergyLandia, supplied by Rocky Mountain Construction

Best Roller Coaster (Limited Budget) Die Gesengte Sau at Prater Vienna, supplied by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides

Formula Rossa Junior at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi,supplied by Zamperla

Gold Rusher at Tatzmania Löffingen, supplied by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides

Hummel Brummel at Schwaben Park, supplied by Wiegand

Race of the Future at Dream Island, 24 supplied by Fabbri Group

Saven at Fårup Sommerland, supplied by Vekoma Rides

Vertika at La Récré des 3 Curés, supplied by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides

Wakala at Bellewaerde, supplied by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides

Best Ride Allgäuflieger at Skyline Park, supplied by Funtime

Dolina Jagi at Legendia, supplied by HAFEMA

Festival City Extension (feat Voodoo City) at Walibi Rhône-Alpes, supplied by AZ Décors, Zamperla and Technical Park

Masha and The Bear: Land of Laughter at The Land of Legends, supplied by Mack Rides and MK Themed Attractions

The Family Zone at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, supplied by Zamperla

Voltrum at Bayern Park, supplied by Funtime

Wickieland at Majaland Kownaty, supplied by Mack Rides and Zamperla

Best Ride (Limited Budget) Emaille-Werke at Karls Erlebnis-Dorf (Rövershagen),

its especially nice to see that some of the award categories have received up to 30 entries and nominations from an incredible range of both new and established attractions. Great too to see so many attractions from the Middle East among the nominations. The quality of the entries and nominations is also really high, none of which has made the job of being a judge any easier, that’s for sure. Irrespective of whoever takes home an award, it’s clear that all of the entries are winners.” The 2020 Park World Excellence Awards ceremony will take place as a virtual event on the dedicated awards website on Tuesday 8 December. Our 2020 Finalists are listed below.

supplied by Technical Park and faszinatour

Far West Extension at AnimaParc Occitanie, supplied by SBF Visa

Himmelrum at Tivoli Friheden, supplied by Technical Park

Lloyd’s Spinjitzu Spinner at LEGOLAND Deutschland, supplied by Sunkid

Marmalade Land at Karls Erlebnis-Dorf (Elstal), supplied by SBF Visa

The Rainforest at Chessington World of Adventures

Xotic at Dennlys Parc, supplied by Soquet Attractions

Best Dark Ride or Media Based Experience Area 51 – Top Secret at Movie Park Germany, supplied by Intamin Amusement Rides, Props NL, IMAscore and IMAmedia

Blue Cube 2.0 at Universe Science Park, supplied by Attraktion!

Captain Cook at Jochen Schweizer Arena, supplied by HOLOGATE

Fabula at Efteling, supplied by Aardman Animations


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