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LEGOLAND Resort to open in 2024 M

Movie Park Germany plans more adventures


parents and children can make their rounds over Adventure Bay with the new PAWPatrol attraction ‘Skye’s High-Flyer’ During the course of the year, the suspended looping coaster ‘MPXpress’ will be re- themed and turned into ‘Lucky Luke – The Ride: The Daltons Break Out’. In addition,Movie Park Germany will create a new interactive laser walkthrough under the tribune of Studio 7. Germany’s largest movie and amusement park is also continuing its quality strategy and investing extensively in infrastructure and new catering facilities. Hollywood in Germany will also return. “The response to the new PAWPatrol area has

erlin Entertainments has entered into a formal co-operation agreement with the Shanghai Jinshan District Government, CMC and KIRKBI to develop a LEGOLAND Resort in the Jinshan District of Shanghai, China. This follows the signing of a framework agreement in November 2019, announced as part of the China International Import Expo.

ovie Park Germany has invested heavily in 2020, with new attractions and enhancements to the park. This spring,

Under the terms of the agreement, all parties will form a joint venture company and contribute funding to the construction and development of LEGOLAND Shanghai. The total project investment is expected to be approximately $550 million. Construction of the project is planned to start next year, and the Resort is expected to open in 2024.

been very positive so far.We were able to attract numerous families with children last year and thus addressed our target group perfectly. Due to the continuing demand for PAWPatrol, we have decided to expand the area with another attraction this year,” said managing director, Thorsten Backhaus. ‘Skye’s High Flyer’, will take parents and children can go on an exciting flight mission in Adventure Bay.With this,Movie Park Germany offers a total of three family attractions revolving around the successful children’s TV series PAW Patrol. In order to grant fans faster access to the PAW Patrol attractions, a new Speedy Pass will also be available. A special Nickpass will be available for visitors up to 14 years of age and include the three PAWPatrol attractions as well as numerous other attractions located at Nickland.

LEGOLAND Shanghai will be one of the largest LEGOLAND Resorts in the world and will incorporate a 250-room fully themed hotel on opening. World- leading creative, design and construction teams will work together to create an immersive theme park, drawing inspiration from famous scenic spots in Shanghai, Jinshan District and the town of Fengjing. It will be located in the Jinshan District in south west Shanghai with a two-hour catchment of 55 million people. The region comprising Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui has an estimated population of 220 million.

China is a focus of significant development and investment by Merlin. Since the start of 2018, the company has opened five new midway attractions, while the LEGO brand has also been established as the leading toy brand in China and has seen annual double-digit growth for more than a decade. The building of the LEGOLAND Shanghai Resort is part of the Jinshan District’s ‘five-year plan’ for the area, which seeks to establish a new area of cultural

Another strong license The OldWest area of the park will also be significantly reinforced by a notable character. The man who shoots faster than his shadow is setting up his new home in Germany’s largest movie and amusement park! “With ‘Lucky Luke – The Ride: The Daltons Break Out’ we have won a strong family license and will redesign the ‘MPXpress’ with a new storyline around the famous comic and movie character Lucky Luke and give it a fresh coat of paint,” said marketing directorManuel

finally free the city and the saloon of St. Elmo from its evil powers after 140 years, and get to the bottom of the mysterious history of the place. The attraction will be housed in the former premises of ‘TheWalking Dead Breakout’ and is slated to open later this year. Movie ParkGermany is also rolling out numerous

innovations as part of its long-term quality strategy. This year, the park is investing in the park’s internal infrastructure in order to further expand its family friendliness. The toilet facilities will be renovated and thematically redesigned in the course of the year. To ensure that families can find a suitable place to take a break, more seating facilities will be available in the park. Furthermore, to offer more protection from the sun on hot days, some queuing areas will be shaded. The top priority will be theNickland area. Numerous facades will also be given a new colour scheme to lend the park a “fresh shine”.

and tourism development in this region of the Yangtze River Delta. It is envisaged that the construction of the resort will be accompanied by the establishment of other businesses in the vicinity including hotel accommodation, retail, sports facilities, offices and high-end housing.

total of six different scenes, the guests, equipped with laser weapons, slip into the role of ghost hunters to

Nick Varney, Chief Executive of Merlin Entertainments, said: “China represents a great opportunity for strong global brands and I am delighted to work with our partners to bring one of the world’s largest LEGOLAND Resort to Shanghai, which builds on the other attractions we have developed in this exciting part of the country.”

of its new interactive laser walkthrough in Studio 7, a new attraction created for a broad target group. In a

Prossotowicz. “With this, we can not only bring our Western section further together, but at the same time add an extremely popular character who is known across all generations throughout Europe.” Movie Park Germany is also aiming for the opening

Catering for everyone The park is expanding its food and beverage offering with new stores and products as well as elaborate redesigns. It’s understood thatMovie ParkGermany will be the first amusement park in Europe to offer a Dunkin’ Donuts Shop. The popular cult brand will move into the formerNew York Coffee. Due to the great popularity on Halloween, a completely new churros stand will be permanently built in the western area, the Spirello stand will also be redesigned and have a design adapted to the indoor coaster Van Helsing’s Factory. There will also be innovations in merchandising: The Candyshop will be given a lavish redesign and shine in American Diner style in the new season. A newly designed US Army Store will also expand the shop portfolio and will be based thematically on the water attraction “Area 51 – Top Secret”. Movie Park Germany has also continued the several

The Island features two new rides

yearlong re-tracking of Germany’s first wooden coaster “The Bandit”. This year, another 150 meters of the track were renewed, so that now three quarters of the total length have been re-worked. Meanwhile, those who are watching out for even

Located at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, The Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, boasts 23 acres of entertainment. With over 80 shops, restaurants, and attractions, the Island is a one-stop destination for family fun.

more cinematic action in the new season can look forward to selected events. The Cosplay Day will be held for the third time, turning the park into a colourful event full of movie and gaming heroes. Furthermore, visitors can look forward to the Pyro Games or events such as the Cheerleading Championship. A highlight at the end of the year will be in October and November with the 22nd Halloween Horror Festival. “As Germany’s largest movie and amusement park,

Showcasing a 200-foot Observation Wheel and the Island Show Fountains, The Island recently added two new family rides from SBF/ Visa. The Spinning Parrots Coaster features a figure eight track design and free spinning vehicles to give riders a riding experience like no other of its size and type. On Reverse Time, riders can spin, dip and dive while facing outward on this exciting and unique ride.

we have set ourselves the goal of further expanding the family offer and providing fresh impetus through new attractions and infrastructural improvements this year. In 2020, the whole family will be able to experience a movie-like day atMovie Park Germany with over 40 attractions and numerous events,” said managing director Thorsten Backhaus.

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