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that a key goal of this is to empower employees while improving communication and information sharing inside the park and on a corporate level, with the group. “Mobaro will help to secure the content and the

execution of safety, maintenance and operational procedures across our parks which are located in different countries. Smooth digitisation will eliminate filling out various paper forms, making multiple phone calls, and other manual tasks; and make those processes seamless,” said Charles.

Looping Group digitises safety and maintenance L

ooping Group has teamed up with Mobaro to digitise safety and maintenance operations across all of its 15 parks. Looping Group COO, Charles Bennett said


David Bromilow, director of parks &

attractions at Mobaro and James from the technical team at Pleasurewood Hills.

HUSS installs rides in India

Huss Park Attractions has announced that it has installed two major attractions, a Top Spin Suspended and a Giant Frisbee 40, at a brand new park in India. Magic Mountain Park in Lonavala, Maharashtra, a

state in the western peninsular region of India, is owned and operated by the Malpani Group, a diversified business organisation active in a variety of business sectors including amusement and theme parks, waterparks, hotels and more. The new park at Lonavala is India’s largest

amusement park, covering an area of 30 acres, and is the first such venue to bring a wide selection of the most popular and successful internationally recognised rides and attractions to India. With an anticipated annual attendance of one million visitors, the park is aimed at the 15 to 45 year old age group and has been designed to provide a 360° view of the

surrounding Sahyadri mountain range. Magic Mountain Park is also home

to some of the country’s largest and tallest thrill rides, two of which are the attractions supplied by HUSS. The Top Spin Suspended is from the company’s Classic range and is one of the most successful attractions ever built by HUSS. The Top Spin Suspended has 38

seats in a back-to-back format – two rows of 19 seats – each row looking in the opposite direction to the other. The state of the art suspended seat configuration also offers the added thrill of a floorless gondola, allowing riders’ legs


to dangle freely below them as the attraction goes through its various ride patterns. These include pendulum movements of the gondola, circular rotations of the gondola in any position and sudden turns after releasing the drum brake, in addition to multiple spins of the gondola around its suspension axis. A water fountain featured below the gondola adds further to the fun and excitement provided on this installation, while the extreme thrill ride experience of the Top Spin can be further enhanced by the addition of numerous different themes and fire special effects. The Giant Frisbee 40 is from the HUSS Giant range of rides and as the name implies caters for up to 40 riders at one time. It features a maximum passenger flying height of an impressive 43m and thus creates a clear landmark for any park for miles around. The ride features a central hub resting on four tubular legs which carry a pendulum of 25m in length which swings 120° to each side and reaches a maximum speed of up to 110km/h. At the lower end of

the pendulum is the gondola which accommodates passengers around its circumference in suspended seats facing outwards. Additionally, riders experience +4.5g as they swing from side to side, figures more

The implementation process has already begun, with first site visits at a range of the group’s larger parks, including UK theme park Pleasurewood Hills. The decision to partner with Mobaro was made due to its

full turnkey solution, combining an industry specific, tailored, simple and matured digital tool with consultation by industry experts. Jens Holm-Møller, co-founder at Mobaro said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to get the opportunity to work with the Looping Group team. Since the amusement industry has a high level of duty of care for both guests and staff, we are proud that Mobaro can support safety and maintenance across the industry.”

usually associated with major roller coasters, along with the thrills of rapid acceleration, high speed and airtime. The HUSS attractions provide Magic Mountain

Park with two key, high capacity rides which are certain to be popular with the venue’s target market while also being important additions from an operational point of view. Commenting on the installation, HUSS CEO Mirko J.

Schulze said: “We are delighted to have provided two major attractions to such a significant new park in India and we are confident they will be hugely popular with guests. The well-known longevity of HUSS attractions will also be important for the operator and they will entertain visitors for many years to come. Our Indian office led by Vibhisha Jain played a key role in securing this contract and in the project process itself and we look forward to doing more business in this part of the world in the future.”

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