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Park Profile

kinds of other greens. The main colour of Beautiful Britain is purple just like the Scottish national flower: The Scottish Thistle. We even had our own tartan designed. Kinloch

Anderson (experts in Kilts and Highland Dress since 1868) helped us to design it and had it registered for us in the Scottish register of tartans. In the centre of our Nessie and visible from afar

you will find our world record breaking Gyro Drop Tower, Highlander. With a height of 120 metres, riders have a spectacular view over the park, the Baltic Sea and the bay. Highlander offers three different modes of

operation: upright, tilt and super tilt. The drop is as fast as 120 km/h, starting at a height of 103 metres. Its design is customised to the colours of Beautiful Britain, featuring dark green seats and a grey construction – resembling the fern and woods found in Scotland and the walls of the Scottish castles.

What else is new for the 2019 season? The guest area of our self service restaurant Weltumsegler has been undergoing major changes, converting the entire location into a place you want stay at for maybe a little longer than the temptation of the park’s attractions will allow. We also are presenting a new 4 D movie

experience of “Storks” at our cinema Fantastico. Right next to the movie theatre you will find our main theatre “Arena del Mar”, offering two new shows: The international variety show, ‘Marvellous Moments’ and the new laser- and special effect show ‘Rays of Light 2019.’

What do have planned in terms of seasonal events this year? The season has started with ‘Eastern’ at HANSA- PARK. It will be followed by ‘Feast of Flowers’ in the summer, ‘Roller Coaster Day’ on August 16th, and the ‘Time of the Creatures of the Shadows’ (a little scary but not too much and without blood!) and the ‘Magical Autumn at the Sea’ during autumn. The ‘Magical Autumn at the Sea’ features a grand light parade which is as fascinating as Christmas and absolutely worth an extra trip to HANSA-PARK during the autumn, particularly when travelling with the entire family. The whole park will be illuminated with millions of lights and after the


parade we will present an outdoor show with a unique firework display.

Tell me about your food, accommodation offer and retail offer. How do all combine to offer a resort-like experience? HANSA-PARK offers quite a variety of different foods, from healthy fast foods (burgers with excellent meat and fresh vegetables) to delicious slow food, picking up food trends which we interpret in an unpretentious way. We offer honest food such as original quiche from Alsac and fresh seasonal and regional products from the markets.

we implement into the park relates to The Hanseatic League

“ Retail products are either customised to HANSA-

PARK or strongly related to our theme and unique location at the Baltic Sea. Accommodation can be found at the HANSA-

PARK Resort operated by Roompot, as well as at the many places to stay in the neighbourhood. HANSA- PARK is located in an area well favoured by tourists. We are in the midst of the most popular vacation areas of Germany with a total of 34 million

Everything that

overnight stays. You can find hotels, b&b’s, camping grounds and youth hostels nearby.

You are very committed to sustainability aren’t you? Yes, we are. Last year for example we opened our new e-gas station to support e-mobility. We reduced plastic to a minimum and invested in heat recovery, green roof tops and photovoltaik (solar panels which turn light into electricity). We abandoned paper towels and equipped our restrooms with hand blow dryers instead which saves up to 21 tons of CO2 per year.

How has the industry - and what guests are looking for - changed since you first opened and why? Today’s generation has grown up with amusement parks and many other recreational facilities and opportunities, some of which was never known to the generation before. They are experienced - they know exactly what their desires are. It is up to us to find out what will meet the park’s own target group.

How do you see the park developing over the next few years? We will continue to what we call ‘hanseatize’ the park, as there are still parts of the park which need to be themed according to our main theme. Our think tank is quite full providing projects and attractions for the next three decades. Even though we are uniquely located at the sea, we have plenty of land which will allow us to eventually implement each project and bring our masterplan to life. Needless to say, each new attraction will contain Hanseatic recognition.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know? Yes, we would like to point out again that HANSA- PARK has become a park which is suitable for thrill seekers as well as children. The entire family can stay together. Each section of the park has been created to unite the different needs of each family member. Thrill Rides and attractions for the little ones go well hand in hand, just like our historical and timeless Theme of the Hanseatic League with high tech attractions.

MAY 2019

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