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New Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy debuts


ightning McQueen’s Racing Academy has debuted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

This new show experience invites guests into the world of Pixar Animation Studios’ Cars films as they become rookie racers and learn the rules of the road from Piston Cup Champion Lightning McQueen. When guests cruise inside, they will come face to face with Lightning, who appears live on stage. The theatre features a 17 foot (5 m) tall wraparound screen

that stretches more than 200 feet (61 m) end to end, enveloping guests throughout the 10-minute show. Disney Parks Live Entertainment worked closely with

the creative team at Pixar to bring this completely new Cars story to life. Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy will run continuously throughout the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And when the race is over, guests can continue to

immerse themselves in the world of Cars in the courtyard outside Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, where

they can meet Cruz and snap a photo with the champion racer, or dance with DJ, the “ultimate party on wheels.” The debut is the latest chapter in the multi-year

transformation of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which marked its 30th anniversary on 1 May. Guests can let

their adventures begin by immersing themselves in their favourite stories with the option to feel like a toy in Toy Story Land or, starting August 29, or live their own Star Wars adventures in the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

All you can eat, drink and ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has launched a new product which gives guests the opportunity to enjoy all they can drink, all they can eat, and all they can ride, for one great price. The new

wristbands are available throughout

May and offer guests entrance to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and all the amazing rides, plus all they can eat and drink at selected catering outlets. These new wristbands are great for families on

a budget as they allow you to work out exactly what the day out will cost beforehand. All meals,

snacks, drinks and rides are covered in advance so the only thing left to purchase are any treats from the gift shop. All You Can Eat, Drink and Ride wristbands

start from £36 for 11 years and under and £43 for 12 years and over.

Europa-Park ranks second

in large scale global study Europa-Park has ranked first in Germany and second in the world in a major international survey of the hotel and leisure industry, by UK- based consultancy OC & C. Providing a clear insight into

what makes a memorable guest experience, 650 companies were rated according to the OC & C Fundex: restaurants, hotels, cruise liners, theme parks, fitness facili ties and movie chains, following a survey of 40,000 consumers from eight countries: China, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and the USA. The results revealed some “Fun

Facts”: fans of amusement parks are generally better off – they even


have more fun with everyday activities (such as a coffee break) than those who prefer to give roller coasters a miss. Highly interesting are the success

factors of the best companies. The winners of the study were found to consistently focus on the customer, never lose sight of the fundamentals of their business, and deliver a fantastic experience that is distinctive, memorable, authentic, and shared with others. Commenting on the report,

Europa-Park owner Roland Mack said: “Such an international scientific study makes us proud, because we work very hard ever y day on each of these success factors.”

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