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Rainer Maelzer leaves wiegand.maelzer

Rainer Maelzer has decided to leave the company. He will be superseded by longtime business partner


and managing director Hendrik Wiegand, who is taking over the management. He is supported by the existing team and authorised signatory, Thomas Schmitt, who has 27 years of industry experience. Under the leadership of Rainer Maelzer,

wiegand.maelzer has developed from a European

manufacturer of waterslides to a global player. He has contributed significantly to the development and expansion of some well-known European water parks, for example the Therme Erding. Today, the company has customers around the world and is considered one of the most innovative companies in the water park industry and one of

the leading suppliers of cruise ship attractions. Five prestigious award wins, including the THEA Award, the IAAPA Impact Award

and the European Star Award last year have proven the success of this company, said a spokesperson. Wiegand.waterrides will be the new name of the company. At the IAAPA Expo Asia, the company will showcase fresh design and new innovative product ideas.

fter over 12 years of successful, international and cooperative development of wiegand.maelzer Rainer Maelzer GmbH,

For customers and partners everything remains the same. The team of

wiegand.maelzer GmbH is still available at the same office in Starnberg near Munich. The stainless steel and FRP products are still manufactured by the production company Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co.KG, and also the experienced project managers continue to be available for the projects. The press release states that for wiegand.waterrides it is the goal to deliver high quality products and to provide accustomed exceptional services with a strong team, as they did in the past. In order to further advance the company’s success and better meet the demands of

the market ,Wiegand.waterrides is planning to collaborate with WhiteWater West Industries. In April, the sale of the worldwide SlideWheel license to WhiteWater was successfully signed. “The team is looking forward to a promising future and assure to keep surprising you

with exiting innovations,” stated the press release. The new web address will be:

Universal Studios Hollywood plans The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash! Ride

Adoption day is the ultimate rite of passage for every animal seeking a home, and it’s now the inspiration for Universal Studios Hollywood’s planned new ride, The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash!, opening in 2020 based on Illumination’s 2016 global blockbuster and upcoming sequel, which answers the question, “What do your pets do when you’re not at home?” In this all-new fully immersive

experience, guests will assume the roles of stray puppies as they join a familiar cast of leading characters from The Secret Life of Pets including Max, Snowball, Gidget, Chloe and Duke, along with a host of other animal friends, on the ultimate quest of finding forever homes. “We are thrilled to be able to bring another exciting Illumination movie-based

ride to our guests,” said Karen Irwin, president and COO, Universal Studios Hollywood. The Secret Life of Pets: Off

the Leash! will capture the essence of the popular film and invite our guests to live vicariously through some of their favorite characters

as they embark on a one-of-a-kind experience only available at Universal Studios Hollywood.” The innovative adventure will

blend live, dimensional and animated characters with hyper- realistic media as guests zip along

a track aboard ride vehicles through bustling New York City streets towards the Pet Adoption event and the ultimate happy ending: forever homes. Along the way, guests will face an array of challenges and meet up with fellow animal pals eager to help guide them toward their destination. The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash!

will be located adjacent to the popular Despicable Me Minion Mayhem and Super Silly Fun Land attractions. Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2, the next chapter in the franchise, arrives in theatres June 7.

Bollywood star kicks off India’s First MX4D opening

Taking the brand promise of “Live the Movie” to an all new level, INOX has launched India’s first MX4D EFX Theatre at the existing INOX multiplex at Inorbit Mall at Malad in Mumbai, India. Present at the launch were Bollywood actress Richa Chadha, Alok Tandon, chief executive officer, INOX Leisure and Mark Kamiyama, global head – sales, MediaMation Inc. “Technology innovations are always so exciting,” said Bollywood actress Richa

Chadha. “What’s special about MX4D is that it is seamlessly immersive and pulls you right into the movie plot. Each of these 4D effects are so well programmed that you actually end up feeling that you are a part of the scene.” The state-of-the-art seats for all locations feature a full range of motion and effects

to enhance Hollywood’s latest releases. Moving beyond standard 3D, they utilise MMI’s newly patented EFX armrest which allows for every customer to have a better communal experience across an entire theatre. Additional atmospheric effects include wind, fog, rain, and strobes.

16 MAY 2019

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