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more opportunity for us to showcase our dedication and commitment to the waterpark industry, “ he says. “This year,“ he adds “those goals include an increase in the productivity of our products and services. We also will be focused on even greater innovation and quality for our customers.“ As an official R&D centre and a pioneer in

the field of innovative advancement and application of closed-moulded manufacturing technology in waterslide development, Polin Waterparks continues to focus on innovation in composites manufacturing technologies. The core of Polin Waterpark's R&D strategy is its

concentration on financial, customer and process perspectives with particular emphasis on learning, dissemination and innovation. Polin proved its dedication to these aspects of R&D when the company pioneered the advancement and application of light resin transfer molding (LRTM) in waterslide manufacturing. In 2006, it converted 100 percent of its fibre glass production to LRTM, a first in the aquatic-attractions industry. This development raised the bar for the entire

waterpark industry. Since then, Polin has regularly introduced new innovations, including the development of special lighting effects, patterned and transparent composites, sound-integrated components, wooden and metallic finishes, three- dimensional waterslides and unique slide designs. Ali Cansun, director of R&D says: ‘A result of

Polin's dedication to innovation, The Glassy Waterslide meets the need for a better quality,

MAY 2019

functional, price-advantaged solution compared to the transparent acrylic components that are typically seen in cruise projects. As a pioneer of the amusement industry, we are proud to announce this new project, which we think which will make a dynamic difference in the industry. “

New company structure Another milestone for the Polin brand took place in 2018 when the process required to finalise the establishment of Polin Holding, under the brand name Polin Group was completed. All of the companies and brands incorporated

wi thin Polin Group are housed under one of four main umbrellas: Amusement Attractions, Composites Manufacturing, Park Development and Funtastic Parks.

• Amusement Attractions includes Polin Waterparks, Attractions, Game Technologies, Polin Aquariums, Safari Parks and Theming

• Composites Manufacturing includes Composites, Fipol and Futuraform Companies

• Park Development includes Design Studio, Park Services, Project Development, and Investment Planning and Management

• Funtastic Parks includes Funtastic Aquariums, Funtastic Waterparks and Funtastic Amusement Parks.

“The change recognised the new role that the

company plays in the global amusement industry today,“ says Dr. Baris Pakis, president of the Polin Holding. “Our company is a worldwide and recognised leader in the market. Many know us as the 'game changer' due to our innovation and success in completing 3,000 waterpark projects in 105 countries. We expect that our company can become even more successful in the future.“ The company's knowledgeable and creative

team of engineers and designers has helped Polin gain invaluable experience worldwide. Each team member shares the intelligence and successes with all other service units within the company, each now organised within its own structure and working toward the overall vision: to be “Always Innovative,“ deliver “Worldwide Superior Quality“ and maintain a level of “Technology Leadership“ for each individual brand.


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