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INDUSTRY VIEWS INDUSTRY Staycations and renovations

We’ve spent a lot of time inside recently, so it comes as no surprise that people want to rejuvenate their surroundings. More are investing in their properties given the plummeting interest rates on savings too. Add to this the restrictions to leave the country and it creates a perfect opportunity for our industry. A nation undertaking a staycation, resulting in a rush to renovate their homes. One thing we find continually is people want their homes to be their sanctuary, designed to suit personal tastes

and needs. Gone are the days of blindly following trends, so expect to see more unique and bold uses of space and colour throughout the home, especially in the kitchen. Look out for the return of the pantry, bespoke utilities and storage rich concealed kitchens. Enhance this with improved lighting to set the scene on the home’s theatre of dreams - the new kitchen.

Comment by Wayne Dance – Managing Director, InHouse Inspired Room Design Ltd Back to normality with a colourful future On the tiles

As we see the worst of COVID-19 now firmly behind us, the easing of Government imposed lockdown restrictions and a return to a new “normal”, it is great to hear of the positive feedback from our retailing partners. Colours continue to be popular and not just Matte Black! Gold, Bronze and Nickel are all proving popular with end

consumers who look for warmer earthy tones to complement their bathrooms and reeded and crittall glass finishes also offer a welcome texture to the showering environment and a way of personalising the showering experience. A reported strong pent-up demand from end consumers,

Richard Hammerton, Sales Manager, Aqata

ready to invest in modernising their existing bathrooms and a real confidence and buzz back in the industry which is very welcome after the tough twelve months we have all seen. This trend is surely set to continue for the remainder of

the year. Design for all Generations

According to the ONS multi-family homes have been the fastest growing household type over the last two decades. In September last year Aviva research reported that 34% of adults are now living in a multi-generational household. The mix of these homes appear to be mainly adult children either not

leaving home or moving back into their family home with partners whilst they save money for their own house. Some are where grandparents are moving back to a flat within the property. Whatever the circumstances, it is unquestionably a trend that is

growing and one that needs to be considered when designing a new bathroom for these homes. The bathroom needs to not only look great but be functional and safe for young and old. Thankfully long gone are the days where a cautious, safe design would result in the fitting of a doc-m pack. Product designers have over the last decade been creating products that are ‘designed for all’ ages which has resulted in a great choice of solutions. Look out for anti-slip shower trays, bath replacement shower enclosures (designed to the same

footprint as a standard bath), low profile shower trays for easy access, comfort height WC pans and there’s now a choice of steadying weight bearing accessories, cleverly disguised as towel rails, for added security and assistance.

Comment by Nick Graville, Sales & Marketing Director, Kudos

Ease of maintenance and cleaning are essential elements of bathroom flooring, making porcelain the ideal choice of material. The manufacturing process of porcelain, which uses a finer and denser clay combined with high temperature and high pressure, results in a material that is far stronger than other types of ceramic. The material’s density is also extremely resistant to humidity and water, perfect for the bathroom. Another major reason for the popularity of

porcelain tiles is its sheer versatility. Colour and style choice is almost endless and finishes are also variable, giving designers a huge amount of creative freedom and enabling the material to be chosen for almost any application. Porcelain also offers a wonderful opportunity to

introduce pops of colour to the setting, with vibrant colourways offering a brilliant way to catch the eye and turn a specific area into a focal point. Installation of the tiles themselves is also

straightforward, with mega slabs from RAK Ceramics minimising grout lines and creating a luxe look.


Comment by Ben Bryden, Sales & Marketing Director, RAK Ceramics



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