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Elica launches Wifi Connected Hoods for use with mobiles & voice assistants


lica has launched three new WiFi- connected extractors that can be

controlled via the Elica App on a smartphone or tablet or using “voice assistants” including Amazon’s Alexa. The new facility enables homeowners to

remotely control extraction speeds and lighting functions, whilst the extractors themselves can advise homeowners when grease filters need cleaning or high-performance charcoal filters needs regenerating. The new connected models include Super Plat,

an ultra slim wall-mounted cooker hood with multi-directional fume capture. Designed in keeping with the trend for minimalism and clean lines Super Plat perfectly fits the linear kitchen style. It is available in two distinctive material finishes: cast iron and grey glass, and black glass. Its Multi-d Capture function ensures extraction takes place from all round the hood’s perimeter and gives it a maximum airflow of 730 m3/h. Super Plat is also equipped with a dimmer to adjust the lighting to create the optimum environment in the cooking area.

Lullaby@ is a range of ceiling hoods from Elica

that is ideal for islands or peninsulas in contemporary in kitchens and, unusually for a ceiling hood, that can also be installed in duct-out or recirculating mode without additional outlets. With its natural oak or soft white finish, it works especially well in kitchens featuring materials such as wood, brick or natural stone. The large, illuminated panel has 30 watts of dimmable LED lighting to illuminate the cooking and surrounding area which, thanks to Elica’s “Tune White” feature, enables the warmth of the light to be matched with other lighting in the room. Lullaby’s powerful and efficient motor provides

very high and quiet extraction: air flow is 770 m³/h in the duct-out version with a noise level of only 53 dB(A). The elegant proportions of Lullaby can be

personalised by the addition of one or more shelves, each 80 cm, in matching oak or white. Secondary lighting points enable a range of Elica or any commercially available feature lights accessories in a host of materials and finishes to be added and these can also be dimmable.

All features can be operated from Elica’s

slim remote control, that is easy and intuitive to use, or via the Elica app and Voice Assistants using WiFi connectivity. Those who prefer their cooker hoods built-in to

a cabinet should consider new SLEEK2.0@. The latest version of Elica’s Sleek models is now Energy Efficiency Class A but has an increased maximum airflow of 700 m³/h. Its elegantly simple design offers a beautiful aesthetic, and being a single piece, there are no joints to impede a perfect flush installation. SLEEK2.0@ also has a dimmer and has Elica’s “Tune White” feature so you can match the warmth of the light with the other lights close to it. SLEEK2.0@ is available in 60cm and 80cm sizes

and in stainless steel or soft touch black and black glass.

RRP for these hoods: Super Plat


u01252 351111

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